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25 November 2010


Russ Steele

Thanks George for the reminder. Property rights are the key!

Bob Hobert

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Paul Emery

Here's a solution I posted earlier

They should have waited till a developer, real estate agent, mortgage company and banker landed first and subdivided the land for sale after evicting the Native Americans. Then, if you couldn't buy in with a 20% down payment they could put you back on the boat and send you home as an illegal immigrant.

George Rebane

Happy Thanksgiving Paul.

Bob Hobert

Lighten up PE. Have some turkey.

D. King

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Here you go Paul:)


Steven Frisch

Thanks rewriting---always nice to see the debunking of the revisionists rolling in.

Barry Pruett

Crabb said on another thread (my fault because I misposted) - "No, no! You've got it all wrong. It was the Indians who lived the collectivist, sustainable, lifestyle! They were the communists. That's why they had to be killed."

Obviously Crabb is joking, but he does raise an interesting point. Were Native Americans collectivists or were tribes just extended family? I am ignorant about Native American economics and sociology.

Steven Frisch

Well you might start by reading the book about Native American economic models and how they intersected with Colonists over on another thread....

Look for "Changes on the Land"

As we were chatting yesterday I pulled it out of the bookshelf to refresh my memory.

Of course as a graduate of a sub-par school I can not be expected to read much. That must be why the biggest argument in my house is over getting rid of all those damn books that build up over the year.

Greg Goodknight

The gospel according to Frisch: "There are no rational points here because none of you are rational, or well read."

Steve, you are full of yourself. There is a big world out there and it is full of rational points of view that disagree with yours.

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