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11 November 2010


Mikey McD

George, thanks for sharing. I was able to give my 8 year definition/background to the meaning of "Veterans Day" with the help of this video. She is on the phone with her grandfather thanking him for being a veteran. I thank you and all other veterans for their service. Thank you.

D. King

Thanks George.

Account Deleted

Thank you, George. I remember seeing a photograph in a newspaper article probably a decade ago that showed the citizens of some Central American country on their way to vote. They were crawling on their stomachs under machine gun fire. I am ashamed of the countless Americans today that find every excuse not to vote or whine about the "barriers" to voting such as showing the same ID they show when they cash a check or get on a plane. I do not pretend to know how those who sacrificed for our rights feel about this, but I know that every year that goes by in this country there are fewer and fewer folks that appreciate what we have that no other country has and that it was paid for at a great price. One way that I will always thank those who sacrificed for myself and my fellow Americans is to make sure I take every advantage of those rights and to keep in mind how those rights were secured. God Bless America!

Kim Pruett

Thank you George for sharing that and thank you for your service! Hope you had a great Veterans Day!

Todd Juvinall

Never forget!

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