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02 November 2010


RL Crabb

My scientific study is based on trends I saw back in the early part of the decade, when Republicans and their Libertarian sub-species came out in droves to defeat NH2020. The ballot box seemed to be the safest way to find out if numbers have drastically changed with the advent of Obama and AB32.

The only other method was to place a radio collar on them, but the last time I tried that I was severely mauled.

George Rebane

Interesting taxonomy Bob. My own ordering would call for Republicans to be a deviant sub-species of of libertarians. But you do have a point, if Obama and AB32 don't bring them out, then there's little that will. I agree that trying to tag them in the wild is a wee bit dangerous.

D. King

"a deviant sub-species..."
We prefer divergent sub-species...thank you very much!

George Rebane

With apologies David, I stand corrected.

Barry Pruett

Nicely done.

Bob Hobert

10 pm Tues. Brown and Boxer. Majority vote to pass a budget. And no legal weed to ease California's pain. Pretty dismal results for the state. But then - there's the rest of the country!

George Rebane

Interesting results from Nevada County. I think the leftwingers will have to cinch up their waders and recalibrate where the local mainstream is.

But in our liberal state the overall results are "pretty dismal" as Bob reports. Both Meg and Carly ran on the state's economy and, as I have reported, economics is a notion that liberals don't do well with. So the coastal counties, home of California's 'braintrust', put the same yokels back in charge of the legislature, and then added Moonbeam as the cherry on the cake.

Because we are too big to fail, stand by for California as the nation's first federalized state.

Russ Steele

With the Federalization, will come a rule book on how the bailout money can be spent. It will be truly sad day for the Golden State to be the ward of the federal government. I would like to say we deserve better, but in politics we end up with the government we deserve. With Moonbeam in charge and only a majority required to pass a budget, we can all expect our taxes to go up and up, and the wealthy tax payers to leave for greener pastures. With no money and no options the Feds will sweep in and take over just like we were just another failed bank!

Account Deleted

It's 11:15 and it looks like the Dems will have complete control of CA. That plus passage of the simple majority vote for the budget means they have everything they said they will need to "fix' the budget mess. Of course they can't, and so now the whining and excuses will start.
Always be careful what you wish for - you may actually get it!

Bob Hobert

This is as good an explanation as can be found on the mind of the California voter(copied verbatim):

i live in california i totally understand we can't stand people trying to buy way thought and election . but the dumb that took the bait run with it. why give the money to red cross 140,000000 an then you had a lady carly fiorina layoff our us peoples from h.p. will you two lady got told my the voer of califorina

Mikey McD

It has been refreshing to see Arnold go after the roots of CA's problems over the past couple months (once he knew his political career was at a dead end). He finally turned up the heat on CALPERS, tax payer funded public employee unions and the racket that is being played against CA taxpayers.

Never did it feel so good to vote for 'losers.' The liberal 'cure all' of raising taxes, increasing regulation and decreasing personal liberty is sad to watch and painful to be a part of the employed and producing population.

Under 5.5% unemployment may never again happen in CA. Great divide anyone?

RL Crabb

Well, George, it appears that there are still a few Wild Republicans in Nevada County, at least enough to elect a congressman. Still, your choice for tresurer didn't make the cut, but was beaten by a Republican. (I wouldn't call Tina wild, though.)

Statewide, things are pretty bleak for the GOP, and you don't even have Crazy Sharron on the other side of the hill to encourage the faithful.

I guess you'll have to console yourself with the fall of Miss Nancy. I was watching "The Tudors" last night, and watching Ann Bolyn walk to the chopping block reminded me of her...defiant to the end.

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