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21 November 2010


Mikey McD

George, I take full responsibility for the storm(s). I stressed to our kiddos that they were getting soft and told them Sat am that I was going to put them through a 'boot camp' of sorts to toughen them up... BAM! the power went out- providing boot camp environment. We did not have the usual gourmet meals, warm showers, tv... I relished it (they did not, but, they are better for it).

I did contribute our beloved Walnut tree to mother nature.

George Rebane

The loss of mature trees is remarkable. Bob Crabb emailed that the oak tree he used to climb as a little "crablet" is now leaning on his roof.

Our power is still out as is Russ Steele's. However, the report this morning was that only 5,000 homes in Nevada County remain without power, so PG&E is making progress. But it is again clear that my neck of the woods seems to be in the hind tit department for repairs.

(For the younger reader, 'hind tit on a boar hog' is a traditional vulgar colloquialism for last last and/or useless. That being because the hindmost mammary is often the driest, and such an outlet when found on a male pig seals the point.)

RL Crabb

Ha ha! As I was about to start typing, the fire dept. showed up at my front door. Someone had called, thinking we were trapped in our house. It looks a lot worse than it is. No leakage in the house, and I blazed a trail through the limbs to get outside.

And it was a maple,George. The old dear was hollow, and a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, I had it severely pruned a few years ago, and that probably saved us from having the sucker in our living room.

Dave C

PG&E's "outage status" automated phone line is a joke. I was out of power from Saturday night until 130pm Monday. When calling in with my phone number as a reference, the message was "We are aware of the power outage in your area, crews are on site and working to restore power. The next up date will be at 120PM Sunday." Called back at about 3pm. Same message, followed by the next update will be at 6PM Sunday.

I live a couple of blocks down Banner LC from Russ. The whole area is a mess with downed trees and limbs. Two fair sized branches, maybe 6 inches diameter at the thickest part and 20 feet long fell in my backyard. No damage, but it sure woke me up.

Glad I have a 2.5KW generator to keep the essentials running and to provide some heat from the gas fireplace insert with heat-o-later blower.

Mike Sherman

Mickey McD....loved your post. The youth have not a clue, and nature is offering a classroom of experience in the real sense.

Dixon Cruickshank

just checking in - no problems here

George Rebane

Dixon, do I hear a Floridian crowing?

Dixon Cruickshank

not at all, just checking in is all - I guess that cold air will stay north of us late in the week too. Its been nice so far and that is a big blast so with it staying in GA that is a good thing, been about as good as it gets here 79/65 but it always is this time of year.

Except if I go camping for thanksgiving, but thats another story

got power yet??

George Rebane

No power as of 1530PST 23nov10. PG&E has a totally useless customer information line. They oscillate between predictions of when power is restored and then tell you they have no idea. This has been going on for three days now.

Todd Juvinall

No power and a broken pole on my street.

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