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22 December 2010


Russ Steele

An updated study by Americans for Tax Reform compared states gaining and losing Congressional seats in the decennial reapportionment process and found that states gaining seats had significantly lower taxes, less government spending, and were more likely to have “Right to Work” laws in place. Because reapportionment is based on population migration, this is further proof that fiscally conservative public policy spurs economic growth, creates jobs, and attracts population growth. Just in case you wanted to know why California did not grow, only the second time in history that the state population did not grow. Do you think it could be in the next ten years we will be shrinking?

Todd Juvinall

A little link to compare why California is a mess.


Russ Steele

Golden State of Denial

How hosed is California? This hosed: State Treasurer Bill Lockyer and Stephen Levy of the Center for Continuing Study of Self-Immolation the California Economy have taken to the L.A. Times to deny that they even have a problem.

The headline is the confidence-uninspiring "California Isn't Broken," the argumentation is straight out of the obfuscation/decontextualization school of MarketWatch columnist Brett Arends (down to using the same hidden-ball trick of celebrating increased "share" of a venture capital market whose precipitous decline shall go unmentioned), and the only semi-firm ground the defense can rest on is opposite the straw man of state default.

Rest of the details here

Dixon Cruickshank

Where's Homer?

Bob Hobert

Homer is in Austin, Texas.

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