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13 December 2010


RL Crabb

Congratulations on the latest addition to the Rebane media empire. You are becoming the Rupert Murdoch of Nevada County. Now you'll have to hire a lot of blond cheerleaders.

George Rebane

Thank you for that kind sentiment Bob. BTW, you got any specific blond cheerleaders in mind?

Todd Juvinall

Congrats and go get'um George. BTW, I met and chatted with a fellow from Albania who is now an American citizen while flying back fom Puerto Vallarta yesterday. I may write a bit on my blog about my chat. He is a rabid American, with an accent.

George Rebane

Let us know when you do Todd, and we'll all point to it.

Russ Steele

Congratulations George, Your traffic should increase, especially from the Sacramento area.

Michael Anderson

Well done, George.

It'll be fun watching automated ads from robotics firms show up next to your singularity columns (-;

Next stop: robotic blond cheerleaders.

kim pruett

Great news George! Congratulations.

Dixon Cruickshank

George your going to be bigger than Jagger soon

George Rebane

From your mouth to God's ear Dixon.

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