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10 December 2010


Aaron Klein

Violent demands for other people's money are usually referred to as "robbery" but in these cases it's known as "protesting." :)

Dave C

Interesting find by my daughter and son inlaw regarding California sales tax.

About a month ago they were going to purchase an iPhone 4 for my 16 year old grand daughter at their local AT&T Wireless store. The 16GB iPhone was $199, limited data plan at $15/mo and continue with the same family minutes plan. Total $214. Sales tax $53.16.

My son in law questioned why the sales tax was $53.16 on a $199 sales price. He was told the actual price of the iPhone is $599, with an in-store rebate of $400 for purchasing a data plan. California sales tax laws require the tax be based on the full retail (MSRP) price, thus collecting tax on the rebate amount. This scheme is practiced by only California and Maine.

I went on-line to both AT&T and Apple and went through the motions to purchase an iPhone without completing the transactions. Sure enough, $53 and change for sales tax.

Solution? On a business trip to Phoenix last week, my son in law dropped by an AT&T store with his daughter's phone, made the purchase, had the phone switched over and paid $215.09.

Same thing with purchasing a new automobile. Let's say the MSRP is $30,000. You cut a deal at $25,000 which includes a $2500 manufactureres rebate. You pay sales tax on $27,500.

George Rebane

Thanks for that illuminating heads-up Dave. California's politicians and regulators seem to have almost every base covered to discourage commerce. And I don't doubt that there are legions of faceless bureaucrats scouring the countryside looking for more ways in which to make a bad situation worse. This governance mentality is now mestastasized in our state.

D. King

"Locally, our Union reports (here) that Nevada City is arranging for the purchase of the Sugarloaf promontory overlooking the town. The city has been allowed to purchase the valuable 30 acre parcel for $450K and “preserve it as open space.”"

It's a loaf all right George, but it's not made of sugar.

"The ‘little darlins’ of Great Britain are tearing up London protesting Parliament’s decision to hike the costs of education."

We MUST not forget the lessons of history,
lest we be doomed to repeat them.
Revolutions have been fought over tuition,
like…well…ah…can I get back to you on that?

As to the death tax, you really should be more
open minded George. This kind of thing has been
going on since the beginning of time. Our liberal
friends are just engaging in the time honored
practice of necrophilia.

Aaron Klein

"Violent demands for other people's money are usually referred to as 'robbery' but in these cases it's known as 'protesting.' :)"

Since apparently our local left-wing blogger doesn't have the journalistic chops to detect context, I feel compelled to ensure that any other mistaken bloggers know that my comment referred to the student protests in Great Britain regarding tuition.

I am unaware of any violent protests regarding the Sugarloaf property, although perhaps the aforementioned left-wing blogger had witnessed such an event. Still, even in that event, that would have at most rendered my comment ambiguous. At least according to most standards of journalism, English and common sense.

Barry Pruett

Aaron Klein - I was going to write something really funny, but I am laughing too hard. Love you bro.

Bobo Bolinski

Strokefest detector alert.

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