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05 December 2010


Bob Hobert

An excellent telling. Thank you, George.

Dave C

Another good one George. DC

Russ Steele

Thanks George for sharing. I hope someday you will put each of the chapters in a book for your grandkids and your friends.


Mikey McD

Very enjoyable; as always. We've much to be thankful for.

Paul Emery

Thank you George.

kim pruett

Thank you for sharing George.

Michael Anderson

Fascinating read George. American history books jump from the end of the war in Europe straight to the Marshall Plan, glossing over the chaos and tragedy between the spring of '45 and the spring of '47. Thanks for your compelling story.

Aaron Klein


This really does need to be made into an e-book...if not one of the paper and binding variety.


Pat E.

Great story and recollection. I see now why it took so long...very long for you and your family. I'm interested to read how you finally came to the United States. I know this was an option for my mother instead of returning to communist Yugoslavia, but she opted to go home to her family.

George Rebane

Thank you PatE. I think RR readers would appreciate knowing more about your mother's war and post-war experiences. In what DP camp was she interred after the war? Was it a camp mostly for refugees from the Balkans?

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