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31 January 2011


Russ Steele

Before we can drive a car, or fly an airplane we have do demonstrate some proficiency. It does not seem to be unreasonable that anyone wishing to run for federal office to pass a proficiency test on the Constitution the United States, including the Amendments and Pledge of Allegiance before they can be put on the ballot.

Barry Pruett

I am not surprised.

D. King

I wonder what he thinks of us.


John S

I would venture to say Chuckie knows the dif but like a larger number of them today, they are playing to the stupid people. And the rest of us be damned.
What they hope does not happen is, a majority of the american people will finally wake up and understand what is going on.
I'm sure most of your readers realize our President says what the people want to hear and then he does the opposite.
It won't be long until there is no more truth.

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