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02 January 2011


Russ Steele

Opinion: Silicon Valley to Jerry Brown: We need a game changer
By Carl Guardino

Jerry Brown has ask Silicon Valley what we need to do for California to create jobs again. Guardino notes that California hasn't had a net increase in employment this decade. Not one job. During the same period, Texas added 1 million private sector jobs and Arizona added 500,000. To compete, we had better know what other states and nations are doing to attract high-skill, high-wage, high-tech and manufacturing jobs -- and thoughtfully determine what California must do to compete.

Carl goes on to list the improvment California needs to make and then concludes:
On Monday, California changes governors. We must now change the game and restore the Golden State's luster.

The 335 CEOs who comprise the Silicon Valley Leadership Group aren't partisan. We're pragmatic. We have little interest in ideological extremes lurching our state left or right. Rather, we stand ready to work with Gov. Brown on game changing solutions.

You can read the full article here.

George Rebane

Russ, thanks for that important addition and link on 'game changing'. It will be more than interesting to watch Moonbeam's reaction to such calls, because as far as he and his are concerned, the game has already changed to the one that they want to play. Also, let's keep our eyes on the Reconquista block of California voters. Unless the Repubs can identify with their conservative values, there is no chance of any such game changing.

Steven Frisch

Make sure you read the whole article dear readers....amongst other things the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is also advocating governance reform, an increase in the gas tax, a state-wide economic development strategy, heavy investment in innovation economies including renewable energy, and bi-partisanship.

George Rebane

Something had to be thrown in to these recommendations to satisfy the venture capitalists who have invested in non-sustainable green technologies. RR has extensively covered this 'cleantech' fiasco for the past year plus. The increase in gas tax committed to improving infrastructure is a play on voter ignorance. If we needed gas tax funds for transportation infrastructure improvements, all we'd have to do is to take the existing gas taxes that were mandated for such purposes and revert them back to that purpose. The government lied then as they will do again. California gas taxes were almost immediately folded into the general fund to be spent on the attempt to make up for underfunding public service pensions. And the new gas tax, when enacted, will go down exactly the same rabbit hole. Only the gullible will believe differently.

Todd Juvinall

I watched Jerry Brown's summit on the capitol show the other day and GOD help us! Most of the questions were from lobbyists, current legislators and a couple of county supervisors. I did not see private sector folks like Howard Jarvis types or business people. We are going to be inundated with tax increases, fee increases and more regulations to increase the government take. There was no discussion about free enterprise that I saw. So, it will be more of the same California success. Liberal success. Which is anti success in a free market. We are screwed, but the voters did it to themselves.

D. King

Our wealth is in the work ethic of our
people and the freedom to participate.
This has been destroyed by changing
our patent laws from:
“First to invent” to “First to publish” and
the lowering of infringement fines.
Not a peep.
Boy that was easy.
O.T.? Maybe, but I don't think so!

Mikey McD

=We have not had a free market since 1913 (I got another "END THE FED" coffee mug for Christmas!).

=The Silicon valley folks are idiots... "The Leadership Group is open to supporting the restoration of the Vehicle License Fee, or extending the temporary tax increases ... as long as the proposal is... accompanied by the reforms above" like saying "we are ok with you taking 18 shots of tequila as long as you promise to drive home safely."

= I love the FDR letter/quote- I use it regularly when debating public moochers who think God gave them the right to collective bargaining with other people's money in negotiations without a taxpayer present.

=Big lies with Health care... my premiums took the largest increase ever effective Feb 2011 (19% despite zero trips to the hospital since the coverage started in 2005). Obviously Obama never passed on econ class.

= California has crossed the tipping point and only chapter 9/restructuring with all the associated pain will allow us to come out stronger.

=national debt= in 2010 the FED's expect to collect approx $900,000,000,000 in Income Tax. They will pay out approx $413,000,000,000 in INTEREST PAYMENTS ON DEBT ALONE.

Greg Goodknight

Todd, new taxes and tax rate increases have to be approved by voters now.

Venture capitalists in Silicon Valley want more manna from Sacramento to flow to reduce their risk. It's what's driving the chimera of green innovation in the Valley. It ain't stupidity on their part, it's rent seeking.

One of the very few truisms on Limbaugh's part is the observation that, to Democrats, "bipartisanship" means Republicans giving up and supporting Democratic bills. California is on its way to defaulting on obligations, and while they really don't need Republican support to get bills passed and signed with their domination of Sacramento from top to bottom, politically, Democrats really need to not be the only ones holding the bag.

Todd Juvinall

Greg, I am being pessimistic about Prop 26 and my guess is it will be sued from here to Tuesday by the left and some liberal judge will overturn the people again. The cleverness of politicians is amazing. Thery will change the vernacular to get more money. Anyway, my hole is the CC.

Bob Hobert

I distinctly heard Gov. Brown say today at his inaugural that he would not raise taxes without voter approval.


Given that half the voters pay no income taxes he might not be lying.

George Rebane

The Peter/Paul Principle has been firmly entrenched in California for at least the last two decades.

Dixon Cruickshank

Good piece george, the fact that america in all levels is waking up to the gov employee union issue will be big in 2011 I think. Look at NY and the snow issue and NJ and any cut backs will be met with people in the streets a la Greece - not sure Americans are ready for that chit - we ain't so forgiving - to mega sports stars whining or anybody else that make more than us.

you brought this fact to everyone's attention before most and I thank you for that - your a very wise man my friend

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