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22 January 2011


Mikey McD

We are very fortunate to have Logue as our rep.

Barry Pruett

Mike: It was a good time. There were over 50 people and some new faces! Logue is a great guy and is doind a great job representing his district.

Kim Pruett

It was a great event, Dan is a great Representative and I agree with Mike, we are very fortunate to have him. It was nice to see everyone, thank you for the great report George!

Greg Goodknight

Hey, why wasn't I invited?

Oh, yes, I forgot, I'm not a business or resource owner, nor am I a conservative, or have I ever asked to be a CABPRO member. The local rabid left seems to think I should be, but I'm used to not agreeing with them.

Greg Goodknight


It appears a pleasant time was had by all.

Regarding Brown and regulatory actions by the state, I recall reading Karl Popper's 'The Open Society and it's Enemies', and if I may summarize my oversimplification, a point is made that the design of government shouldn't be to maximize the good results from the right people in the right jobs, but to minimize the damage caused by the wrong people in the wrong jobs. The fans of micromanagement by government regulation don't realize they will rarely have the right person in the right job and even when they do, their hands will be tied most of the time by the often insanely contradictive regulations they are bound by.

An even greater oversimplification is PJ O'Rourke's comment that giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teen-aged boys.

Congrats for an apparently enjoyable evening.

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