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30 January 2011


Todd Juvinall

I truly believe the democrats are mentally ill.

Mikey McD

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder:

Russ Steele

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time. When will the Democrats learn that government can only create government jobs, they cannot create jobs in the public sector. On the other hand they can do a lot to impede the development of private sector jobs. When will the learn? Oh, now we are back to the insanity issue again. No nation has regulated or taxed itself into prosperity.

Dixon Cruickshank

Ah Russ that would be never, sorry to break that to you, but thats why they are Democrat's - otherwise they would be Republicans

Todd Juvinall

I think the politicians have so intertwined regulations into so many parts of our lives and businesses that it may be impossible to fix it without throwing most of it out and strating over. Everyone wants to somehow fix the Gordian Knot. I say chop the darn thing up and make a new, loose version of the knot.

George Rebane

Point well made Todd. The complexity of laws/regulations and their intertwining is all part of the national full employment policy for lawyers. None of them really know what's in there and how they link. But, as we know, they will argue that every case is different, and they will thoroughly research how you are affected. It's called billable hours, and these are cooked right in when the legislation is drafted.

Yes, taking existing Rube Goldberg laws/regs by category, and redrafting from scratch with an eye toward simplification, clarity, and coherence would be the thing to do. And it would require a national effort executed bit by piece. An intriguing way to do it would be in the law schools as student projects. But until we too gather in the streets, there is no impetus for any of this.

Dixon Cruickshank

But until we too gather in the streets, there is no impetus for any of this.

I have a couple old tires out back

George Rebane

Do you know how to light one of them? I don't have a clue.

D. King

Ask Winnie Mandela.

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