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01 January 2011


Dave C

Happy New Year George.

Mike Sherman

George, you are so positive in many regards it is refreshing.

I am more negative because my positive kept getting beat down by the negative, and I suspect many out there struggle with finding a balance that can provide a ray of hope for this country.

2012 will certainly be an eye-opener for our future.

In the meantime, the cost of basic goods and services continue to rise and we are learning to cut back in every area. I refuse to let the prospects of $5.00 per gallon keep us from continuing to travel but it can be very discouraging. The reality is we just may not be able to pull it off....or be forced to stick closer to home.

At any rate, Happy New Year to you also, I enjoy your writings a great deal. Please keep up the good work!

Kim Pruett

Happy New year Goerge and Joanne. Thank you George for offering thought provoking dialogue and I really enjoy reading your articles. Barry and I are in DC for a few more days. I will give you the updates when I can on how the first few days of the 112th Congress are going. Have a great day!

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