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08 January 2011


Russ Steele

EURO GOVT-Periphery suffers as supply worries gather pace

* Upcoming peripheral bond supply spooks investors
* Portuguese, Spanish debt underperforms German paper
* Bunds flat as investors anticipate strong U.S. jobs report

By William James
LONDON, Jan 7 (Reuters) - Higher-yielding euro zone bonds suffered on Friday as upcoming debt sales from the region's peripheral states unsettled investors, though safe-haven gains for German debt were limited ahead of key U.S. jobs data.

Reuters has more on the story here.

I wonder what will happen on Monday, the US Jobs report was not all that good if you dig in to the numbers. See my post on the jobs report at NC Media Watch.

Mike Sherman

Excellent analysis George, and scary. The thought that they could pull my pension is very discouraging. While I doubt that would actually happen, just knowing it is possible is downright scary.

Bob H

George, if our retirement funds and physical gold can be stolen by the government, what the heck can we do to protect ourselves? You are not the only one warning of those possibilities.

George Rebane

You are right Bob, I am not the only one, even though sometimes I appear to be to some progressives around here.

There is little that we can do to prevent the government from confiscating anything visible to them that we have. And with the rapid pace of criminalizing what yesterday was legal, they are able to do that incrementally without raising a general hew and cry. Every bit of technology that we read about being applied to apprehend terrorists is doubly effective against those of us who are law abiding citizens. I believe we Americans today are most thoroughly watched and monitored population in history, and that includes East Germans under the Stasi. Much has changed since the days of FDR.

Mike Sherman

".....they are able to do that incrementally without raising a general hew and cry."

The key word in your observation George is "incrementally". It has been so very subtle over the years that most folks are too busy to realize just what has been happening to our freedoms. Then one day they have a personal experience that brings the reality to their front door and they are in shock.

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