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11 January 2011


Michael Anderson

Good stuff, George.

I'm currently reading "The Lights in the Tunnel-Automation, Accelerating Technology, and the Economy of the Future" by Martin Ford.

Maybe by 2030--when machine intelligence surpasses human intelligence--we'll be able to get back on par with the Northern Paiutes of the Great Basin who only worked about 20 hrs. per week to meet all of their food and shelter needs for about 350 generations (until John C. Fremont brought lesser ideas;-)

Account Deleted

I doubt machine intelligence will ever surpass human intelligence, Michael. If I am to point out something that human workers have that machines and robots do not, I'd say that employees has unlimited potential. Human workers can learn, study and develop. Me and my co-workers watched a lean manufacturing presentation recently. I realized that they actually invented lean presentations in Japan because they STILL need human workers.. because you can't teach robots and machines these kinds of manufacturing guidelines - guidelines that can drastically hasten production!

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