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06 January 2011


Dixon Cruickshank

RR readers know that I have not been a fan of Obama’s ideology, nor his background, experience, character, and approach to governance

other than his ideology - we know nothing about anything else or he doesn't have any

pretty much was a stab in the dark, but I will say well planned by somebody - I doubt it was him BTW, as this was a set up from his past history of votes and lack stances on anything - hard to argue with - present. Although we have reservations about him actually being present in HI.

RL Crabb

The first day of the new improved House of Reprehensibles doesn't give one much hope that the new kids are any better. Two Repubs didn't bother to attend the swearing in, opting instead to mingle with new money that's sreaming in from Big Biz.

Herding Democrats is like herding cats. Republicans are more like dogs. They're somewhat more obedient but still can't resist running off to sniff another's behind.

Kim Pruett

RL- your obeservations are pretty much true,some of the new incoming freshman are already making some stupid mistakes,and the leadership and more seasoned members are just shaking their heads in disgust. This is not how they wanted to begin the 112th Congress. But with over 100 new incoming freshman, you are certainly going to have a few who just don't get it- who are not the sharpest tools in the box. We were in DC last week and got to see all the goings on and I think you will be happy to know that your Congressman is not one of THOSE kind.

RL Crabb

At least we know that Boehner won't be making deals on the golf course. Judging by his new mallet, he seems to have gone for croquet.

Bob Hobert

Watch Boehner use his new mallet here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6sNlO1eVFU

Mikey McD

Though I did not vote for Obama (I can't recall if I wrote in Ron Paul or John Galt it was so long ago) I did expect more substance/change and less 'business as usual' than what has been delivered.

Obama campaigned on the platform of CHANGE. Yet he continues to botch opportunities to make good on his campaign promise of CHANGE. The Daley appointment yesterday re-confirms this fact (re-using a Clinton appointment- how is that change?). He embraces lobbyists, panders to labor unions (with tax payer funds- i.e. giving GM to the UAW), continues to wage wars, lies (multiple lies embedded in Obamacare)... He has failed to deliver hope or change. He is a great politician.

John S

How about the use of the word "transparency". This word was bastardized from the get-go. And how about posting the new bills on the internet, and letting the people read them 3 days before they are introduced? The health care law they did not want anyone reading it before it was rail roaded through. How soon we forget. We need some honesty restored to our government. Words mean things.

Bruce Majors

Matzo (made from people smeared as crackers): A DNC recipe

What if the President gave a speech and his minions didn't pay attention?

Wonkbot Fireside Chat: It Is Jewish Blood Libel To Annoy the Wonkbot

My comment on the Wonkering (link) above:

It's not a Jewish problem and it's not a libel, but I believe I just saw a stadium full of Democratic Party vultures make matzo out of a 9 year old girl's corpse, to build up their strength before they go out to meet a bad fate in 2012.

Their leader was even telling them not to eat more children in public (though they are still allowed to round up black kids and sell them to educrat unions for campaign donations) and to behave better in general, because he had read the polls on how the majority of people rejected their smears (smears like this Wonkette article) last week. But they cawed and cackled and didn't listen to him, and tore out her heart and liver and ate them on national TV anyway.

And whooped with delight at the taste.


Greg Goodknight

While I do understand this post by B.M. is meant to be along the lines of Swift's A Modest Proposal, it might be best to remove it. Swift had better timing.

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