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09 January 2011


Bob H

I have never been more ashamed of America's fevered partisan opportunist politicians, starting with Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik who immediately politicized the Tuscon shooting - and got the shooters' political bent completely reversed - hypocritically, deliberately backward. Apology forthcoming??

Described by Classmate as 'Left-Wing Pothead'...

Mikey McD

George and Bob H)- I share your sentiment. My research paints the shooter as a deranged lefty who most certainly does not take orders from the likes of Palin. Yet, what bits of propaganda I get via the likes of Krugman and MSNBC describe the shooter as 'just another tea party hate monger.' The best attribute of their 'analysis' is that it is consistent; consistently wrong.

The beauty of our system is the ability to have a successful revolution or shift in policy without bloodshed. Jared Loughner be damned. Thoughts and prayers with the victims, their families and our country.

Steve Enos

The following post is on Russ's blog story about the shooting. It was posted by someone that always refuses to use his real name. This poster hides in the bushes, will not use his name and posts himself as "papertiger".

So please read "papertigers" post below and tell us how you feel about this post from a hard right Tea Party guy. No one on Russ's blog has yet to denounce this sick post, will Russ?, will anyone here say it goes way too far?

This post should be denounce by all. It doesn't matter if one is red or blue or green, this post is sick and should be denounced by all.

This post is by papertiger:

"SO is there any word about whether Gifford's egg is scrambled?

They said she responded, but that might have been akin to a Terri Shiavo following the balloon with her eyes.

And as we all learned from our betters on the left, that's a life not worth living.

What I'm getting at is are they going to pull the plug on this girl, if she turns out to be a veg?

Neither here nor there, Rep Gifford voted against Pelosi being the speaker of the house.

The shooter isn't a "was". They caught him, and much to the liberals lament he can speak and text"

Heidi Alberti

Wow, talk about vitriol!! My hope would be the the name calling and anger might cease a tiny bit after a tragedy like this... but looks like everyone still has vicious opinions.

Sad, really sad that you don't seem to realize that the ramping up of campaign ads and talk shows using weaponry as imagery for political discourse has hurt our country and will continue to do so.

Heidi & Atticus Uncensored
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