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20 February 2011


Todd Juvinall

I always opposed these unions especially after I had to deal with them. Civil Service as instituted I think by US Grant was put in place to give a government employee protection from the whims of politicians (it needs fixing too though). That is enough protection in my view. The right to strike is anathema to me regarding these kinds of unions. How wonderful to have the garbage pile up in the streets while they strike. Anyway, good article George and I am sure before it is over, the face of American public sector unions is going to change back to a rational endeavor.

Russ Steele

Barry Pruett has a collection of Madison Tea Party videos at Inside Nevada County Politics. The Tea Party is providing a video window into the demise of collectivists in Wisconsin, a window that the lamestream press is covering up, or applying a rose colored lense. Ann Althouse a law professor in Madison also has some excellent pictures and videos here. Warning these photos by Michelle Malkin are not family fair, but they expose the left and the union thugs for what they are, nasty and vulgar collectivists.

Mikey McD


 Mikey McD


Todd Juvinall

Mikey, the link to the Daily Show was so funny! Maybe if they would do more of that I would watch it. The unions are certainly old school and phony.


Todd, another one for your funny bone. Go to the 4:30 mark.


Lisa Simpson:
"I'm proud of you dad, you are the first man to ever outsource the American sense of entitlement and privileged."

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