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09 February 2011


Todd Juvinall

I don't think he has moved at all. This is the classic feint tactic of Sun Tzu. Of course he has his lapdogs of the press so the American people never get the truth except with FOX, Rush and us.

bill tozer

Obama played nice at the Chamber. Meanwhile, after the sun set in the West, Obama lauched a payroll tax on employers, increasing their rates on unemployment insurance, nearly doubling in 2014. Win the Future by taxing companies for their employees. That will get the unemployment rate down. Right.

Kim Pruett

Patriot Act got voted down yesterday in Congress. I will interested in seeing how things move forward. I also heard on the news yesterday that Obama will be texting everyone's cell phone to test for natural disaster tyoe situations, so he will have access to that as well.

Dixon Cruickshank

great, we're sick watching him on TV so tune him out - now he will annoy us on the cell phone too. I can see like 4 messaages a day about his lasted great idea and how great he is

D. King

Fun House reflections.

As Vladimir Lenin said, "The capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with."


The “Fun House” reflection of this quote is what is happening with multi-culturalism. In their loathing for all things western, the left has sold themselves the rope and placed their own heads in the noose of destruction. The only thing that puzzles me, is why any women would support this?

President Obama’s recent walk and talk to the US Chamber of Commerce

I humbly suggest the president should assume survival rather than greed as the current motivation for business decisions.

You can’t project forward when you have Cass Sunstein flipping levers and pushing buttons behind the scenes in a frantic attempt to mimic what he sees in the “Fun House” mirror.

Dixon Cruickshank

Mr King you bring up an excellent point about women. After Georges post about the stoning and all the other points about Islam and womens rights hard to see how any could support it.
On second thought for alot the women on the left I can see it - the stoning thing is for adultery, have you seen some of them - not a problem, maybe thats why their so mad though.

Dixon Cruickshank

jeezz George never been a "correspondent" before, pretty cool

George Rebane

Didn't want to blow your cover Dixon.

Dixon Cruickshank

Thanks and I do try live under the radar - but trouble hunts me down like the Worthless Egg Suckin Dog I am LOL

wish you guys would let me use it, I have fans out there, really

George Rebane

With a distinguished name like Dixon Cruickshank - that sounds like some heroic character out of spy novel - hell, I wouldn't let anyone call me anything but that. Wear it proudly you ol' worthless egg suckin' dog.

Dixon Cruickshank

If the shoe fits

Dixon Cruickshank

George do you find it odd that other than the one article I found - no mention of the verdict in the beheading anywhere - none - zippo - nada, I didn't even see on pelines

George Rebane

Dixon, I would have found it odd many years ago when journalism was still alive. Today the silence is nothing but more of the overwhelming corroboration that the mainstream has gone lamestream. As a news source they in the aggregate are less than worthless. Around here, you'd think the story should at least have warranted scooplet status.

Dixon Cruickshank

The French came out today and said the same thing - the towelheads are worthless

Paul Emery

Towelheads? Todd, where are you? We need our moral guardian. No Scrubs allowed but towelheads.........

Todd Juvinall

Whatever happened to the fellow who murdered that poor soul on the Greyhound Bus a couple of years ago? He cut off his head. Do we know if he was of a certain religion? Also, it looks like they caught the guy, he appears to be a Russian, who just stabbed and killed a bunch of folks in NYC. What is his religion? The reason I ask is because the press is so PC the only time they place religion in the story is when the person is a Christian.

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