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05 February 2011


Todd Juvinall

The socialist lovers never mention the richness of American diversity in race and ethnicity. I wonder why. We are the greatest country ever conceived so far because we cherish less government. Socialists are the exact opposite.

Dixon Cruickshank

First we would have to harvest some of our resourses but their against that too. Although thats how we got where we were, and yes I mean past tense. We harvested our timber, had mines too, even drilled for oil.... once upon a time.

Just like the rail debate, its not as hard if the whole country is the size of Nevada County, we develpoed as a car country because of the shear size of the distances we have to travel, try a trip from NC to San Diego in a tiny Fiat with 50 HP and 45/50 mph was a stretch. I actually bought one, thought I could save gas instead of always using my Dodge Coronet 440, it was a novelty and died soon after.

Can anybody tell me who developed their oil industry, I think they were a later arrival to the game.

D. King

I’m sorry Michael.

My tendency is towards extreme sarcasm.
I will say this. Max Chafkin appears to live in a bubble.

If there was any substance to this, you wouldn’t need captioned pictures of smiling (tax paying) socialists.

I just have one question.

What happened to his horn?


It must have been stolen by capitalists and ground down to make aphrodisiacs.

George, NATO has done a piss poor job of reminding these people what it takes to keep them free to enslave themselves.

Again, sorry Michael!

Russ Steele

The chattering classes are on their way to Norway to work out why nobody believes their global warming propaganda – next week they are all jetting off to Norway for a chat about what to do:
We cordially invite you to the seminar Carbonundrums: From Science to Headlines as well as to the ensuing debate New Realities, New Narratives in Climate Reporting, on Tuesday 8th of February 2011 at Litteraturhuset. We will address important questions such as: How is the press reporting on climate change? What can we learn from Climategate? How should we communicate scientific uncertainty? What determines how people perceive climate change?

Why would panellists Fiona Fox, Bob Ward, Roger Harrabin, Fred Pearce, Naomi Oreskes and Rasmus Benestad want to jet off to cold Norway to talk about global warming? Why not a video conferecne and reduce their carbon footprint? There must be more to Norway than just a place to chat about global warming.

D. King

Sorry, here is the picture.


D. King


Hey George,

What's your take on this?


Paul Emery

Thanks George for your engaging response. It certainly adds insight to the conversation.

George Rebane

Dave, I think it is part and parcel of the ongoing program to denigrate America to the point where we are not a credible ally to anyone, which fits in with all the other things in the progressive program to make America into a more compliant nation in the global community.

D. King

Agreed. But what I’m finding on the blogs is folks are seeing through it and pointing squarely at the perps. This is a very dangerous game they’re playing. Thing is, I don’t think they know it. This is where echo chamber thought meets reality!

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