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04 February 2011


Mikey McD

George your post is 100% truth. Progressives have no respect for private property (the fruits of one's labors) and personal liberty which is why they must constantly pump out vile propaganda (like the Norway piece on excessive taxes being welcomed by entrepreneurs- ya right- and my neighbor's dog enjoys being beaten repeatedly for no damn reason).

As Obama has said repeatedly wages and earnings (especially of the evil rich) first belongs to the government(the collective) and what the evil rich get to keep the government mandates what they can spend it on.

I think an analysis of our tax system (including income tax, SS, Medicare, gas tax, CRV tax, permits, fishing licenses, etc) would show our tax rates to be similar to Norway. Ours is death by a thousand cuts, they get the one timer.

Paul Emery

So inc.com is part of the progressive "vile propaganda" machine. I guess anyone who gives any independent analysis to these topics that's not 100% in the libertarian, tea party or whatever group is part of the left wing progressive conspiracy. It's fine to have a clear ideology but to not even considering credible sources of ideas and analysis such as the Norway piece places you in a smaller and ever shrinking camp. Too bad. We live in a complex and ever changing world and if we need to consider all credible opinions even if they are different than our own. Did you read the piece? It would be more useful if you look at specific information that you have counter information on rather than brand it as "vile" just because you disagree with the premiss of the author.

George Rebane

My 'book report' on the Inc.com article will greet you with the sun tomorrow.

Paul Emery

Good. I can trust that you read it and gave it careful thought.

Dixon Cruickshank

Paul did your vehicle registration go recently? Our fishing licenses did here, but they added closed seasons to, so we can't fish - sweet.

BTW Mikey they are trying to close the southern half of your state to rec fishing too, its being challenged. If you want the link I'll post it, the fishing business both Comm and rec is the most blatent example of socialism in the country today, they don't even try and hide it. Jellyfish Jane and the EDF rule

Dixon Cruickshank

That was supposed to have an "up" in it but Mikey is right death by a thousand cuts is perfect

Michael Anderson


If you want to talk fish, I am going to beat you all about the head and shoulders. My grandfather was a fisheries liaison with the US State Dept. for almost 40 yrs., and has a fishing pier named after him near the Hood Canal floating bridge in the state of Washington.

My Grandpa Andy was an Eisenhower conservative, old school, and he deplored the large fishing operations that scraped the bottom and ruined the resource. His conservatism was all about conservation.

Michael A.

Todd Juvinall

You can always depend on a liberal to miss the humor and depress the discussion. Sheesh!

Mikey McD

I will concede every day of the week that socialism such as Norway's provides the feeling of great security to the citizenry (albeit at great expense). What I cannot accept is the thesis that entrepreneurs in any land welcome, embrace and praise higher taxes, fees, regulations (as the link propagandizes); a kin to pissing on my leg and telling me it's raining.

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