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28 March 2011


Russ Steele


You are right on! Hollywood is already writing the Dems political ads and will be soon be focus group testing them and doing the necessary rewrites. We will soon be seeing a parade of Republican cut damaged teachers, firemen, policemen and the disable marching across our TV screens, and blasting from our AM radio, with promises by the Democrats they will fix thinks by taxing the rich and making them well again.

Paul Emery

I think the Repubs are in trouble on this one. There are too many pet programs that they want to cut with strong advocates such as Amtrack, Public Radio, Planned Parenthood etc. A better plan for a balanced budget would have been a straight % cut of all departments-no sacred cows including military, security, entitlements , environmental programs and everything else. Instead they opted to eliminate programs that they don't favor and leave others that they do. I expect a big rebound for the Dems on this especially combined with the assault on public workers unions which creates insecurity in millions of families . I say let all government programs cut the same. That would get support without hundreds of skirmishes. The Dems are licking their chops on this one. It's a classic case of overreaching ala Clintin in 92.

Dixon Cruickshank

I'm not so sure, progress is progress and making cuts that can be won over trying for too much without the Seante and Whitehouse may be the mistake.

Dixon Cruickshank

Don't get me wrong boys - 10 or 20B is not what I'm talking about - get to 60 to 100B. Then then when we have the Senate the rubber hits the road, cause even 100 is chump change, roll back the last couple years - the new Gov workers didn't work for the Gov 2 yrs ago so what if they don't again.

Bob Hobert

Paul, your proposal presumes that all federal spending programs are equally legitimate and effective. I'd rather have a Congress with the moxie to shed the wasteful ones that have not produced, not merely reduce them the same percentage amount as the vital ones. But then you may be thinking we don't have a Congress with that much integrity. I'd have to agree.

Dixon Cruickshank

Bob I hear you with all the talk about 20 agencies having the same type programs doing the same thing. I understand Pauls point too and it would be a good start as all could cut 10%+ without anybody even noticing - actually we don't notice anything they do do LOL - pun intended

Bob Hobert

Dixon - good point. Perhaps we should cut across the board until we do notice.

John Galt

The republicans in Congress should be more focused on saving the Country for future generations, than saving their job for the next two years.

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