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04 March 2011


RL Crabb

This is the dawning of the Bank of Aquarius

Bank of Aquarius

Uh - quar - eeus!!!!

George Rebane

Spot on Robert! We just returned from the kumbayah meeting at NC council chambers where Mr David Rose held forth for over two and half hours (w/o a pee break). Leaving a little early, we ran into a group of ladies sitting in the hall outside the chambers doors. They asked for our takeaway and offered that it wasn't clear what Mr Rose and compatriots would be bringing to the party. Among the many things that clarified during the presentation, one was that as a resident of Hawaii, Mr Rose knows very little of how California welcomes new commercial enterprises, which is what ultimately a UFB turns out to be.

Todd Juvinall

Sounds to me like you could deposit your money, get a mental health analysis and buy some dope. What a concept!

Greg Goodknight

The phrases attributed to the presenters are eerily similar to the venerable random phrase generators that date to the early days of computing.

“explore your group’s strength of alignment with the Core Ideologies"
“negotiating and structuring highly nuanced entity formations for securitizations"
“nurturing holistic financial ecology”

These are almost as good...
"The Ancient hyperdimensional torsion field balances spiritual inner peace."
"The hyperdimensional new paradigm awakens unseen enlightenment."
"Our hyperdimensional new paradigm promotes unseen quantum entanglement."

Mike Sherman

My gawed George, thank you for shining a light on an absolute farce. But then, I would expect nothing less from that certain segment in Nevada City. They can be most entertaining at times, and provide quite a laugh for us in the real world. The Community Partnership Banking concept just has no legs, and apparently no success story to point to.

D. King

" alliances enhancing mainstream awareness..." Tibet!

Dixon Cruickshank

What will they think of next

Dixon Cruickshank

How do you guys out there usually take your freeze dried food - plain or fried

Steve Enos

George... it would be great to really discuss local banking.

Maybe you will look into and wrote abuot what Citizen's Bank has been up to for years and what their current condition is and do a story on that too.

Start by reviewing Citizen's latest, required bank filing report. It will amaze you to see the condition Citizen's Bank is in and what the report has to say about the bank.

Citizen's has taken millions and millions of taxpayers money and hasn't made their required repayments. Citizen's took over 10 Million in TARP money in 2009. Citizen's Bank keeps going down and down and down in a deeper hole.

Where did the money go?

Well from some research it's clear a LOT went to failed. pie in the sky real estate development projects that Citizen's Bank board members, bank officers or their clients were involved in.

Why did Judy Hess, former Citizen's Bank CEO refuse to disclose the banks bad loans to the public? This was even covered in a Union story when Hess was "demoted/fired" from her position as CEO and President of Citizens bank.

Why not disclose the basic information about these million dollar plus failed loans for bad development projects? Where did the money go?

Here's part of a story from June 25, 2009 that ran in The Union:

"The directors and officers of Citizens Bank of Northern California hold $11 million in loans with the bank they watch, a bank official confirmed, but the lending institution's leader would not divulge who received the loans when, or how much they are for".

“We're a private bank... so that information is not public,” said bank president and CEO Judy Hess, who confirmed the $11 million figure this week.

Let's see how this stacks up...

"the lending institution's leader would not divulge who received the loans when, or how much they are for".

"“We're a private bank"

BUT... Citizen's Bank had no problem taking 10.5 million of public, taxpayers money from TARP in 2009.

I predict at some point we will see Citizen's Bank closed or taken over by the Fed's or taken over by another Bank at the hands of the Feds.

Exit question: Why not shed light on what has gone on at Citizen's Bank, who got the big loans and where the money went?

Steve Enos

The following is from Citizen's Bank own website:

"A True Community Bank... Only a true community bank can share the joy of helping a neighbor start a new business, expand into new locations or move into world markets; only a community bank cares enough to make sure that the “next generation” will be able to take the reigns of a family business or renovate an old family home; only this community bank has a vested interest in this historic community, and is committed to doing all possible to preserve the continued well-being of its historic buildings, its population and its sense of self".

Exit question... is using terms like "only a community bank cares enough" or "its sense of self" just "kumbayah" speak too?

George Rebane

SteveE - thanks for the remarks about Citizens Bank. I only know them as a local bank that has been having trouble with bad loans like thousands of banks across the country (hundreds of which have shut down). I have no business interest in the bank, but would like to see them pull out of their doldrums since they are 'our' local bank. It is only for that reason that I bring their name up in the context of this post.

However, if you have specific information about any alleged wrongdoings that have not seen the light of day in the local news media, then you can post them here on RR or any of the other local blogs.

Steve Enos

George, it's not about "alleged wrongdoings' it's about our "community bank" failing to provide the facts to the community that has invested and lost a lot of money into that bank (Citizen's Bank).

It's about Citizen's refusal to disclose to the public and the taxpayers that have provided the millions that has been "invested" to try and keep Citizen's afloat.

Where did the Citizen Bank loans go to? Why does Citizen's refuse to provide that information to the public, the same public they are asking to buy their expanded stock offerings?

George it was you that used Citizen's as an example of what to do and how to do it... based on what information? You posted the following above and provided your advice:

"I believe that our local Nevada City Sustainability Vision Team people can do at least as well in trying out such local sustainability concepts by using the same money they would raise to partner with an established bank in the county – like Citizens Bank"

"Citizens Bank is an operating bank and would bring all the local banking know-how needed for such a project".

Sorry George, but your advice and position about Citizen's Bank needs to be revisited after doing some research.

Since it was you that made the statements and advice about Citizen's Bank how about you reviewing the bank reports for Citizen's and read some of the past Union strories about Citizen's and maybe ask... where did the money go and why does Citizen's Bank refuse to disclose?

D. King

Wow Steve. If you have a specific charge to make….make it! If it’s just a feeling, state it as such and enlighten us. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical.

Steve Enos

Oh please D. King read my posts and the issues I raise and try again. I'm not claiming Citizen's Bank did anything illigal.

It was George that held up Citizen's Bank as an example... well what facts was that based on considering the information available and the lack of information availiable since Citizen's has refused to disclose information about the loans, who got them and where all the money went and where it was "lost".

Since Citizens Bank took and has not yet paid back taxpayers bailout money they should disclose where the money really went as it a lot was borrowed by the Board members, bank officers and their clients

Where did the money and the loans go? for what?, to whom? are these loans current?

George Rebane

Echoing DaveK's comment, it seems that SteveE has some very specific bones to pick with Citizens. If Citizens is not making disclosures required by law, then our DA and other legal apparatus should get on the case. If they don't have to disclose info about their loans, and don't want to tell us; well then, they are in their rights to take a pass on that. And we are in our rights to get angry and jump up and down because they are not behaving like we want them to. I assume that you've already closed all your accounts at that dastardly bank.

However, having made bad loans is not yet retroactively illegal; but I'm sure someone in the administration is working on it. And in the spirit of this post SteveE, if you have another bank that Reinette and her worthies should consider, please let everyone know. It all helps to push the peanut ahead.

Dixon Cruickshank

Small community banks serve a great purpose in a rural and small town atmosphere. Not sure why them having bad loans on the books is a surprise to anybody as all banks big and small have a bunch right now. I don't think airing the towns peoples dirty laundry serves any purpoase at all. I mean really you want them to publish everybodys name that is behind on their mortgage. You should hope that it can stay alive, you would not find B of A nearly as friendly or responsive to local needs.

Steve maybe you have some comments on Maxine Waters and TARP money, lots more public on that to sink your teeth into, and saw somebody wondering what happened to this case its been crickets for months.

Dixon Cruickshank

Of course as usual I also have been sucked in by the troll changing subject away from worm farm 2.

Steve Enos

Typical respond I would expect from George... just spin, spin and more spin.

George you are the one that brought Citizen’s Bank into the discussion. They have taken taxpayers bailout money, something that you deplore and they have refused to let the public know where the money went. A whole lot went to the bank board members and bank officers.

Local banks are about trust, based on communty trust. Maybe this is why Citizen's stock offering to raise funds has so far failed and why their stock price has tanked, maybe this is why they have not made their repayments for the millions in bail out money they took from the taxpayers.

George it's clear you have two standards that you apply. Seems you put Citizen's up as an example without doing the research first... start by reading their latest bank filing for some facts.

D. King

"Oh please D. King read my posts and the issues I raise and try again. I'm not claiming Citizen's Bank did anything illigal."

"Since Citizens Bank took and has not yet paid back taxpayers bailout money they should disclose where the money really went as it a lot was borrowed by the Board members, bank officers and their clients"

O.K. I get it now.

Steve Enos

Dixion.. can you understand this issue:

Citizen's Bank took millions in taxpayers bailout money, something that you deplore and they have refused to let the public know where the money went.

A whole lot of the money went to the bank board members and bank officers. So you are just dandy with the bank refusing to disclose where the money went?

Can you grasp this simple issue?

D. King

From the UFB web site FAQs

"3. Does UFB offer checking and savings products?
Yes but again, these products will have very important differences from what we are all used to. The details of how we can offer these products in a more transparent and mutually empowering way, while still being secure and legally compliant are being worked out now."

"...are being worked out now."

That's a tough one.

D. King

This is like a nightmarish version of the Bailey Savings and Loan. Your money is not here, it’s in Sustainability, Transparency, and Worm Farm 2.0.


Hey lefties... You’re going to get ripped off!

Steven Frisch

Leave it to D. KIng to make a hero of Mr. Potter.

D. King

Love it Frisch, you people are so used to misleading folks, you don't even bother to tell each other the truth any more.

Steven Frisch

I'm not sticking up for UFB, I'm pointing out that you are making a hero of Potter.

By the way the real debate is over at Pelline's. I will be going back there and not darkening George's door
any more. Would not want him to get lost on the "Dark Continent".

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve I get it just fine - the next bank that might come in - BofA or Citi they got billions not millions and their not telling you shit either. Maxine Waters is the biggest story in the TARP rip offs why no answer to that?? maybe cause she has D in front of her name?? Your such a slimebag and yes I called you a name so just live with it.

back to the point of the article Stevie boy - how about worm farm 1 - we are now on worm farm 2 - maybe just update us on worm farm 1 and what happened to that one - after I wasted my time reading all your posts yapping about that and how great sustainablity will be and the jobs APPLE will create with it - I want my time back or an answer at least - you owe everybody that at least.

Steven Frisch

How about this Dixon you moron, I called for Maxine Waters to resign.

Your the slime ball a$$wipe here. The use of the term Dark Continent to refer to South Los Angeles is flat out flippiing racism. And if you countenance it, you are there with Georgie boy.

I owe you NOTHING. I never yapped about the composting PROJECT, I objected to your friends misrepresenting the situation, and did an educational piece about the benefits of composting. You are a serial liar.

Enos, WTH are you doing over here---we are just boosting the web hits for a bunch of racist scum.

Dixon Cruickshank

By the way since both of you are so lathered up over the " Dark Continent" reference it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo's or anything else for that matter. Its an astrological refernce - you dumbass'es - 35+ posts at pelines cesspool and nobody knows is telling

Steven Frisch

Here's the difference--George was referring to LA not sub-Saharan Africa--and George knew exactly what he was saying and doing, and nothing you can say or do can ever change that.

Steven Frisch

That's it for me--you guys are like heroin--you are so stupid that it is just too tempting.

Russ Steele

From Why is Africa called the "dark continent"?

Africa is called 'The Dark Continent' NOT because of the complexion of the original inhabitants nor the absence of lights, primarily because most people know very little about it. It is not a dark continent but a land flushing with sunshine and vivid light. It is last of the continents to feel the influence of Western civilization; therefore many people consider it a backward continent.

Wikipedia on dark continent:

A 19th century expression previously used to describe Africa, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. As little was known about the continent's interior geography, map-makers would often leave this region dark.

I do not see any racist connotation in these definitions anywhere, except in the mind's of the Pelline Blog Readers and Commentors, which are promoting a "dark hole" of assumptions about nothing.

Bob Hobert

"By the way the real debate is over at Pelline's. I will be going back there and not darkening George's door"

Promise? Thanks for saving all of us scroll-thru time.

George Rebane

Re 'Dark Continent', the alternative source of that name is due to how suddenly it gets dark and stays dark. The sun track in the tropics is pretty vertical to the horizon. Since dusk and dawn durations are a function of how long the sun is below but close to the horizon, you get very sudden sunrises and sunsets. It gets dark really fast down there, hence “darkest Africa” and “dark continent” hit our lexicon thanks to the Brits.

For the same reason sunrises and sunsets are long and spectacular at the more northern and southern latitudes; the sun does its trick at low grazing angles. Near the poles it grazes so gently that it literally never gets dark during the local summers.

Dixon Cruickshank

"Well, on the Dark Continent this company is involved with something called DEEP – Developing Empowerment and Economic Prosperity – that does “social business incubation” using a “Hybrid Social Enterprise model” for “sustainable development in Africa”. Presumably, the successes from that region of buzzing entrepreneurial expansion will serve as templates for us to apply here in Nevada County."

Sure sounds like a reference to Africa and the the companys programs there to me. Possibly could we a have selective reading comprehention just to try and drum a false pretext with George ??? wouldn't be the first time

Steven Frisch

Bullshit--pure unadulterated bullshit.

D. King

Unified Field Bank

Account Deleted

Let's all take a look at how the left covers up fraud and embezzlement at good ole' ACORN. Yes, the same ACORN that used tax payer dollars to sign up Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to vote. They know the guy stole the money, but they hide it until a whistle blower goes public. Another organization that Obama is tight with.
Caution: this story is from a well known right wing newspaper, so it's highly suspect.
As for Steve's charge that George referred to South LA as the dark continent - please! try to learn to read and comprehend English. I do feel for Steve and his fellow travellers right now. Things are going badly for the socialists as the second half of that famous quote is coming into play. Something about spending other peoples money being the bee's knees until you run out of other peoples money. Michael Moore has weighed in on that problem here: (and yes, pun intended)
Have a great weekend, everyone!

bill tozer

Loaned my wayward brother-in-law $600.00 and told him not to ask for anything again until he pays me back. He has not paid a dollar back. Have not even heard from him in quite a spell. Come to think about it, that bad loan is turning out to be the best loan I ever made. Continues to pay wonderful dividends in so many ways.

Dixon Cruickshank

Mr Frisch I owe you an apoligy, my earlier post was to Enos, not you and I didn't make that clear enough. Thats why it probably made no sense to you - sorry.

Steve Enos

The following was posted by Dixon Cruickshank who lives in Florida. It's yet another example of the racist terms used by some of the posters here and it fits right in with Rebane's use of racist terms like "raghead":

"it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s."

The above is yet another example of the mind set of some of the posters here.

Exit question: Will Barry Pruett say anything about this discusting, racist post? Why hasn't Rebane or any other regular posters here said one word about this racist comment?

Steven Frisch

Damn good question.

Todd Juvinall

It appears to me the SOP of Steve Enos and the wimp Steve Frisch are evident once again. Enos hates Citizens because why? Because most of our local citizens of importance started it and are on the BOD. Enos can't hack them so he goes after the crap he thinks will besmirch them. Sorry StevE, those people are important in the community, you aren't. They try and make the community a better place, you just carp and whine.

Regarding Frisch, he is a plum himself. He just likes to show his phony outrage about some words he dislikes. Yet, he calls people here names and uses profanity like he is some kind of social arbiter. He runs a rent seeking non profit that sucks taxpayers money and produces nothing of value. Yet he has hours of free time to post on all the blogs, quite extensively too. I wonder if his BOD knows he spends his time here and there.

George has pointed out the apparent scam fest of another leftwing group. They must have all taken the Bernie Madoff course on how to remove money from the pockets of trusting people. So when you read the tripe from Frisch or Enos give it its due, throw it in the trash bin.

Dixon Cruickshank

Took you quite awhile to respond, I'm disappointed as it was meant just for the Steve's

but if you read the rest of the post the term as used for 2 century's has nothing to do with the color of peoples skin there

Why would Barry have anything to say? the post was directed at you, I guess fisherman sometimes have to be patient

Steve Enos

It's clear and simple.... Dixon Cruickshank's post below is RACIST:

"it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s."

George... nice, posters you have here.

Todd Juvinall


D. King

There is so little OPM (other people’s money) out there, that the left are starting to feed on themselves.

The Unified Field (theory) Bank sounds like a good hedge for the left. What better way to invest than to go all in on Sustainability and Transparency in our new Post Petroleum World.

Think of the UF(T)B as your safety net.

bill tozer

Won't be the first time some slick pitchmen entered a small town peddling snake oil and promising the new cure all. Heck, I enjoyed the movie "The Music Man". He was clever to point out how the evil game of billiards was corrupting the youth of the community and he had a better idea. A good pitchman, like a good Disney movie, always has a great evil villain. Trouble is, I love my bank. Won't surprise me if the Nevada City Council falls hook, line, and sinker for some theory written on paper. Shucks, I meant to say fall for some theory soon to be put down in black and white. Wonder why they are pitching to the city instead of peddling to real experienced business leaders or establish a real banking institution. Paperless banks? I won't shed any tears when the cacophony reaches the third heavens in a woeful cry of "We have been bamboozled."

Dixon Cruickshank

Dear Mr Enos:

I know you issues with some things I post so here is a suggestion - write down a list of some the things you find most repulsive I have posted and things you most disagree with -

then light it on fire

Steve Enos

It's clear and simple.... Dixon Cruickshank's post below is RACIST and he defended it:

"it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s." post Dixon.

Cruickshank's response when I raised this issue???... "then light it on fire"... like what Dixon, crosses in front of peoples houses?

You see readers Dixon lives in Florida, a place with a lot of good old boy racists. So Dixon's racist rant that "it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s" doesn't come as a big surprise.

I lived in southern Florida for a few years and this type of racist comment is sadly far too common in Florida.

Dixon Cruickshank's post... "it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s." is RACIST.

George... nice blog and nice posters you have here!

Todd Juvinall

Enos, do you get a thrill up your leg constantly repeating the term Dixon used? Seems to be.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve your so gullible and predictable

I don't think they use that in S Fla either, I don't think it translates to spanish well which is all that is spoken down south. The last english speaking person brought the flag to Ft Lauderdale years ago - local humor. I haven't heard the term for 30 yrs but reading your tripe about the dark continent somehow it popped up and I couldn't let a good crisis go to waste.

Steve Enos

Dixon your post... "it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s." is RACIST.

Spin and run all you want Dixon, but it was you that used this RACIST slur and it's you that refuses to take responsibility for your own RACIST statement.

George... nice blog and nice posters you have here!

Dixon Cruickshank

Yes Steve, and it was only to get this exact reaction from you - nothing more nothing less. Played like a hillbilly banjo, your so funny honest, and I do enjoy this.

D. King

George I'm now convinced, you don't even need bait, just a hook.

Steve Enos

Try again with another BS spin on your RACIST post Dixon.

"it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s." post Dixon Cruickshank.

It'simple, it's a RACIST post and you have shown the readers what you really are.

Between George Rebane's repeated name calling use of the term "raghead" and Dixon Cruickshank's RACIST "full of jiggaboo’s" post it should now be clear what this blog site is really about.

Exit question: notice how the only respsonses to raising the issue about Dixon Cruickshank's RACIST "full of jiggaboo’s" post are those defending the comment?

Todd Juvinall

No SteveE, we think it is hilariously funny a person such as yourself is so outraged. You have a PC license?

bill tozer

Look at the bright side. Its not as if Dixon called anyone ragheads. I sense a drooling of self serving satisfaction and superiority masked as feigned outrage going on here. Come on, quit chucking your spears at Dixon and please quit acting like a bunch of diaper heads.

Steve Enos

George... such nice posters here on this blog.

The posts here defending the use of RACIST terms like Dixon Cruickshank's "full of jiggaboo’s" post makes it clear what types of folks make up your readership.

Sad, very, very sad.

Todd Juvinall

Got a tingle up your leg Steve? Why is it you never answer the questions you are asked by folks here? Have you ever used the term tea bagger Steve? Moron? Stupid? Come on now, tell us the truth.

Steve Enos

Todd, do you know what RACIST terms are?

Todd Juvinall

Steve, you sound like a racist, lighten up.

Dixon Cruickshank

Raghead - Raghead - Raghead - Raghead - Raghead - towelhead - towelhead

I tired now

Steve Enos

It’s really nice and informative that folks can see and read the posts by Todd Juvinall and Dixon Cruickshank above to see for themselves the nasty, insulting, racist posts that are provided here by George Rebane's two most prolific posters.

George, it’s so sad that you allow this type of posting to go on by these two guys day after day. It totally undermines this blog as a place to have a rational, respectful, issue based discussion.

Exit question: George… is this type of thing that you want your blog to be know for? Why George do you fail to address Todd Juvinall and Dixon Cruickshank’s “Charlie Sheen” style posts that have nothing to do with the issues raised?

Todd Juvinall

SteveE you are the only one posting here that can be considered a racist. I am not a racist and I am appalled you continue to use racist slurs here. Are you not aware of your apparent problem? I would suggest you take a course on anger management and I think Sierra College has one. Perhaps one on self esteem as well. I personally love all races and it appears you pick and choose SteveE. Maybe a application to the Foreign Service and a stint overseas would help you become more tolerant.

Steve Enos

Try again Todd.

I was not the one that made racist comment.

As all can see above I raised issues about local bankning in response to George raising that issue. My posts were about local bankning until Dixon Cruickshank made his RACIST post.

FACT... "it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s" was posted by... Dixon Cruickshank.

All readers can see the truth by reading the posts above so you can stop posting your foolish attempts to change the subject away from the truth. Why are you defending Cruickshank's RACIST comment Todd?.

Dixon Cruickshank was the one that posted...
"it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s"

Dixon Cruickshank made that RACIST comment and I called him on it because you and the other posters here failed to... you sat back an watched and now you try to defend Cruickshank's RACIST comment just like a spectator at a cross burning.

Todd Juvinall

SteveE, I have met people like you many times. They repeat their phony outrage about a topic because they are actually punishing themselves. That is what I see you doing. You are actually the racist and by repeating the comments as you are you receive some sort of demented satisfaction. I would suggest you contact a psychologist for a few sessions to better understand what all of us are seeing and reading from your posts.

Steve Enos

Nope... try again Todd.

All readers can see the truth by reading the posts above. Stop posting your foolish attempts to change the subject away from the truth.

Dixon Cruickshank was the one that posted...
"it has nothing to do with it being full of jiggaboo’s"

Dixon Cruickshank posted the RACIST comment, not me.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - My being attacked on Pelline's blog is something that I cannot help. But the invective there has leaked onto RR, and now it looks like this comment thread has become a hot-button-pushing, mud-slinging contest. Emails from respected friends show dismay with which I agree.

I am just returned from a road trip during which my ability to go online was limited. I invite all commenters to return to the topic of the post or let this thread drop. Thanks for your co-operation.

Todd Juvinall

Will do George.

Steven Frisch

Any of your highly respected friends tell you that referring to South LA as the "Dark Continent" is just as racist as Dixon using the term "jiggaboo", only more insidious because it was a dog whistle call to your right wing buddies to rally around the burning cross?

Todd Juvinall

Grow up Frisch. What a baby.

George Rebane

I'm happy to have highly respected friends who know that the two semantic pedigrees of 'Dark Continent' as a nom de plume for Africa have no racial connotations whatsoever. They also know that there is no formal jurisdiction in LA County known as 'South LA', a large region of the LA basin that is generally comprised of poorer municipalities of populations that are highly diverse ethnically and racially.

None of them are so ignorant as to patch these two labels together from two separate sentences and ascribe them to a pejorative connotation of African-Americans. However, this is a claim that not all can make of their respected friends.

Todd Juvinall

The left are truly the racists because they are obsessed with it. If you say the Dark Knight they go apoplectic but we know it means simply Batman. I have listened to people like Frisch and Enos spew their hate and thankfully, America has wised up and doesn;t fall for their old trap. I asked Frisch many times for the racial makeup of his employees because he was slamming conservatives on race hiring. He has dodged it every time.

Steven Frisch

George, people are not idiots. You define dog whistle perfectly...make a racist comment then use plausible deniability to distance yourself from it.

When someone serial uses terms like "raghead", evokes images of racial and religious conflict, advocates separatism through the 'great divide', and connects 18th Century European fears and images of a dark unknown and dangerous African continent to the neighborhoods of South Los Angeles, it is pretty obvious that they are sending a message to their cohorts about the dangers of the idea connected to these evoked fears.

I'm going back to not commenting here because your entire readership (that comments) is basically unworthy of precious time, but rest assured the community knows who you really are, and what you believe, and will act accordingly.

Todd Juvinall

Yeah that George. Retired military, taxpayer, family man. Just a really amazing fellow eh SteveF? What I find amazing about the peabrained liberal is they are always on guard to point ut others mistakes but never their own. Arrogance is your middle name. Since this blog is so beneath you, do everyone a favor and stay away. We wouldn't want your patent leather white shoes to get soiled.

Steve Enos

Just more nasty personal insults from Todd Juvinall.

George, why do you fail to address Todd Juvinall and Dixon Cruickshank’s “Charlie Sheen” style posts that have nothing to do with the issues raised?

George… is this type of thing that you want your blog to be know for?

Greg Goodknight

The linguistic niggards from the FUE's sandbox just can't stop.

Perhaps they should invest their own cash in the so-called "United Field Bank" branch for Nevada County and keep us informed about all the great things that are in the pipeline.

George Rebane

The follow-on post on community partnership banking is my 12mar11 Union column here


Im very curious about this UFB ?? Does anyone know of anyone who has invested monies model ? Have people been scammed? Told that they would get a return and havent,because I think I do..How can I find out??

George Rebane

For more information on community partnership banking, I recommend contacting Nevada City councilwoman Reinette Senum.


David Rose lives in Hawaii. The question one has to ask is, "why hasn't his UFC model been tried or accepted there? Hawaii imports 90% of its food and is looking for ways to be sustainable. Mr Rose has had little or no success in any of the businesses he has been associated with and was fired by his last two employers in Hawaii. Its very easy for a person to misrepresent his qualifications especially if no one asks or looks into his background. I've read the company website and it looks very much like a scam to me.

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