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12 March 2011


Todd Juvinall

George, I read this in the Union and I must say you have made the point very well. It appears the left will fall for anything as long as they think it is a Sal Alinsky, Moam Chomsky type endeavor. What I find funny about the left though is their total hypocrisy. They will scream the banks and business are bad but OK if they are "green".

Russ Steele

I thought the role of Community Credit Union was to take in members deposits and loan them out to Credit Union Members for a small fee. Over the years we have been Credit Union Members and have used their services to finance cars and home improvements. If the sustainability community wants a local green bank, then maybe the APPLE Center for Sustainable Living should start a "Green Credit Union," collect deposit from the local sustainability community and then loan out the money for sustainability projects they think are worthy of the risk. Risk takes on a different perspective when loaning out your own money and not other people's money.

Larry Wirth

And I thought CPB's were toxic chemicals...

Greg Goodknight

The UFC pitch reminds me of a small ad I once saw in my 'teens, when I still read "Popular Mechanics":

'Send me $10 and I'll reveal to you my secret of how to make money'

P.T.Barnum ('there's a fool born every minute, and two to take them') strikes again. No, I didn't fall for it but the ad ran a long time so some poor schmucks were certainly made a little poorer.

Dixon Cruickshank

that would be kinda like a tip jar at peelines

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