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25 March 2011



Let's not give the scrawny narcissist all the credit. His socialist comrades of the Clinton era along with Bush 43 helped set the stage for the Anointed One to occupy The WH. It'll be interesting to see if little Barry's latest disregard for the Constitution might be enough to start articles of impeachment. The lawlessness of this regime will either be remembered by historians for what it was OR become the norm for future regimes. We'll see.

John Galt

I'm listening to the "True the Vote" summit online. They just presented a detailed report of how Acorn illegally solicited funds for the Obama camapaign and. The report was given by a former Obama campaign worker who identifies herself as an Ex-Liberal. Her account helps explain how young skulls full of mush were persuaded by the rhetoric of Obama, Acorn, SEIU, and the far left.

As John Locke wrote in his 1690 essay Concerning Human Understanding: "[Rhetoric,] that powerful instrument of error and deceit."

And as Lenin wrote: "A lie told often enough becomes the truth."

Combine lies, with rhetoric, with major media, with Commicrats and you've got a very powerful vehicle for electing a neophyte to the most important office in the World.

Fortunately, we're seeing that Democrats (even the likes of Dennis Kucinich) are realizing what a fiasco Obama is. The rhetoric of Commicrats isn't going to work for Obama in 2012...so we can expect an increase voter fraud. IMHO

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