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14 March 2011


Todd Juvinall

George, I have been fighting PC since the beginning and when the jihadist's murder innocent men, women and children we must not allow the PC nuts to hog the argument. I find it fascinating the lectwing PC fools will never say anything they consider "bad" against these killers. But, when you think about it, they do the same thing with death row inmates. They never support the victims, they always support the killers.

Todd Juvinall

BTW George, my designated reader of the leftwingnut blog directed me to read a tortured and long winded Steve Frisch justification letter to his alledged racism. I think your prowess with the English language should turn his phony words into reality. Liberals are the racists.

George Rebane

Todd, your first comment seems to belong on my 15mar11 post. If you copy and paste it there, I'll remove it from this post. Thanks.

Todd Juvinall

I did what you recommended.

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