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22 March 2011


Mikey McD

I attended multiple tea party events (protests?) to voice my disdain for republican spending (I expect spending from the dems). I read hundreds if not thousands of banners, billboards, signs, t-shirts; not one of them threatened the life of a politician. The liberals labeled the TP movement as radical and fringe... what do they label the death threats, thuggery and pure evil coming from the left?

Does the hypocrisy know no bounds?

Dixon Cruickshank

They don't label them anything - they ingnore them, they don't exist you know

thats why I love this place - its a micro of america

Account Deleted

It's only going to get worse (or funnier), George. Especially here in California. The Dems have full control (all branches of govt), including passing the budget by majority instead of super-majority. They have howled for years that this was what was needed to quickly pass a balanced budget and return us to golden prosperity. Now they have it and they already know what a cow pie we are headed for. The Dems and the L.S.M. will work endlessly to now find a way to still put the blame on the R's and the T.P. It will necessitate some gyrations of logic that will amaze and amuse. Mud slinging helps as well! The current theme is that the right wing extremists won't let the good citizens of California vote! There could be a ballot initiative or the good citizens of the great middle that scream for the opportunity to pay more taxes could just close their mouths and open their wallets and pay. But no - the evil R's still have us all in their corporate power to make us suffer.

Mikey McD

George- you are to commended for taking the high road and publicly highlighting the evils inherent within the progressive trumpeters (knowingly putting your life at risk).

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." E. Burke

Russ Steele

Glenn Beck broke a story this morning that he called a “clear case of economic terrorism”. In a shocking audio Glenn received over the weekend, former SEIU leader Steven Lerner lays out a plan to attack JP Morgan Chase. On the tape Lerner describes how the Unions were going "to take down a major U.S. bank in May and how they were going to collapse the stock market and bring on a second economic collapse, how this could not appear to be coordinated and could not appear to be coordinated or union‑backed, how the unions were dead and the only way to really restart the unions is to collapse the system.”

Now, I ask you are these SEIU thugs just the warm fuzz-balls that left thinks they are, or are they evil?

Dixon Cruickshank

Most of the stuff they spout is just so over the top its hard form an objective opinion on it - it makes so little sense you can't figure out where it comes from. I mean you read something from George about WI Reps and the next thing its Pol Pot - WTF - how did we get there from here.

Dixon Cruickshank

What's amazing is you see the same incoherient ramblings in the comments over there, hard even to follow them = baffled

BTW George " I think" all the arab dictors were your boys too, I think, like I said hard to follow the incoherent rants.

John Galt

Thanks for exposing the Commicrats George.

BTW, where was that photo taken?

George Rebane

The photo was from the linked blog that included many others of the union demonstrators. The piece of paper was apparently slid under the office door of Wisconsin Republican legislator.

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