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26 March 2011


Mikey McD

George, Atlas Shrugged is the most influential novel I have ever read. No novel has changed my life (thoughts/actions) as much as AS. It was John Galt who convinced me to decrease my production as a protest against a government who serves not its people or respects personal property (Bastiat Triangle).

Though much will be sacrificed to condense a 1,400 page book into a movie(s) today's society (worldwide) needs AS. Thanks for posting.

George Rebane

Mikey, it was also influential in my young life. But thankfully in past years I never felt that I had to make the sacrifice Rand describes in the novel. Maybe that time is coming soon, I certainly hope not. I would take the Great Divide alternative any day, because technologically supported autocracies are very stable.

Here is the mini version of John Galt's famous radio speech

And a more complete version in multiple parts

Mikey McD

I am partial to Hank Rearden's trial:


I opted to make the sacrifice Rand described in AS because it was under my control and I could not afford to bet on reason to return to the USA.

Russ Steele

From the National Journal:

Conservatives with ties to the tea party are hoping a new movie version of a 1957 novel will help fuel their 21st century political movement.
Tonight, the Heritage Foundation has scheduled a special screening of Atlas Shrugged, a film version of the Ayn Rand cult classic that made the late novelist a heroine to conservatives—especially, libertarian conservatives.

The screening marks the beginning of a splashy rollout for the movie, slated for premiere April 15—just in time for tea party tax day rallies. “It becomes an excellent vehicle for them to broaden their base,” said the film’s producer, Harmon Kaslow. “They subscribe to the philosophy of the book and believe in the writing of Ayn Rand and her view of individual liberty.”

FreedomWorks, the Washington-based tea party organization headed by former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, has undertaken a massive campaign to push the movie into as many theaters as possible. So far, they’ve lined up 63 for opening day in major cities nationwide; FreedomWorks hopes to push that number to 300.

“In a lot of ways this project reflects the ethos of the tea party,” said FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe. “You had both Republicans and Democrats who felt rejected by the establishment, and the same process is going to happen with Atlas Shrugged: We’re going to build a constituency of people who believe in limited government and individual liberty.”

Read the rest here.

Barry Pruett

I forsee a conservative movie night on April 16th!


Will the Getz Family who own the Del Oro, the Sierra Cinemas and the Sutton Cinemas schedule it for viewing? I seem to recall that all of Michael Moore's flicks have in the past run for weeks at these same movie houses. Would be a nice gesture if they did.

Dixon Cruickshank

Martin a very interesting observation - you would think they would know already

Dixon Cruickshank

Barry you might organize a group night - safety in numbers ya know - I'm sure once 1 has seen it all the lefties will be hysterical, well maybe nobody will see it just hear about it and go bonkers anyway, more likely.

Barry Pruett

I think the woman that owns all of the local theaters is Michael Moore's sister.

John Galt

Barry, are you serious?

I think a group night would be great. I'll agree to autograph their ticket stubs if that would help ;)

George Rebane

Will be out of town on 16 Apr; would love to attend 17 Apr or later.


So go enjoy: 2016: OBAMA'S AMERICA If it sells, it projects, seems to be the Getz motto. American Capitalism at its free-est.

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