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07 April 2011


Russ Steele

I wonder if Donald Trump has read this book, or at least the book review?

John Galt

I heard Cashill on the radio giving highlights of his book--and I believe Trump must be aware of at least portions of the book. Been hearing a lot of Trump on the radio and like it. I look forward to having Trump tell Obama: You're fired!

Who in the right mind would devote so much effort and money to hide their birth certificate, rather than produce it.

Russ Steele

Have you read Trump's rely to the New York Times Op_Ed on this interest in where Obama was born at Todd's blog here. Most interesting.

Dixon Cruickshank

He thinks he did, as some quotes are very close - I did see that responce that Todd had up, The Donald is hitting some points nobody else will touch and its working.

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