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23 April 2011


Larry Wirth

C'mon, George, it's a well known fact that children of liberals are implanted with a large Marxochip shortly after birth. This is why, if you look into one of their ears, you can no longer see the sunlight entering the other. Conservative skulls lack the necessary empty space to accomodate the chip.

Jack McClure:

I'd like to add my voice to this discussion. Can anyone tell me what our local far left bloggers have done to improve the lives of those in our community? Are they on the boards of the Red Cross, the Food Bank, Hospice or others. Sure, they are on the Ecoofacists boards trying to save a worm or other slimy creature. But where are they helping people directly. Where is something positive to enrich the lives of people that they have proposed or done? They complain and whine and moan and propose nothing positive. It's not that their brains have been wired differently, it's that they haven't grown since they got out of the womb. They sit in the dark in their underwear ponding out hate on their computers. They probably can't even hold a job. They are losers. Not very complex, is it?

George Foster

the technical term for this liberal condition is "cognitive dissonance."


After reading through the Diaz posts, and the ensuing hen party concerning IP, movie theatres, and the like, I began wondering about Right vs. Left political brains.

I honestly can't say that I've been struck by 'fear' as being a differentiator. The Global Warming Wars are a good example where the shoe is on the other foot and given the tendency for the Left to be more oriented towards females and gracile males, it seems a bit of a stretch generally.

There really is some sort of odd, deep logic at work here, though. For analyzing yourself, it seems pretty straightforward. I think that most politically oriented people will hear a provably wrong statement by either side and react quite differently given the source. Something absurd from the Right, for example, might make your blood pressure go up quite a few point, while something crazy from the Left might be brushed off as a charming eccentricity.

In fact, I'd say that the words matter less than the messenger. It's fairly obvious, for example, that GWB's body language, accent, and mannerisms make some people bonkers. He could have been reading the dictionary out loud and a subset of the population would be seething. On the other hand, there's something about the East Coast professional and moneyed classes (and I'll include Chicago as being an honorary member in this case) that set another group off.

This tribalism business is serious stuff. It's hard to pin down, but ignore it at your peril.

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