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10 April 2011


Bob Hobert

The school salary and pension scams in the Land of Lincoln would be a shameful embarrassment to Abe now. Here's more on the outrageous situation there - http://www.illinoisloop.org/salary.html

Paul Emery

Nice work if you can get it

bill tozer

Once again, Mr. Rebane, you have left me speechless. Don't know whether to be angry or sad. This grieving process is weird. Think I am in the the first step of healing, which is numbed shock. The only silver lining I can utter is "Oh, this is old news. So last decade."

Greg Goodknight

It's worse than it even appears, since I guarantee you many (if not most) of the folks above have married other public ed employees who have also done their best to spike their ending salaries (and therefore their retirement pay) upwards.

The same is true in California. Just and wait see what the marriage of Jon Byerrum, reired GVSD super, and his missus, County Ed Superintendent Holly Hermansen, gets in combined retirement pay.

George Rebane

"Nice work if you can get it."

Not a problem, thousands to hundreds of thousands have made the grade, so to speak. Not all, of course, at these levels. But enough of them to help create the several trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities now shared among the states. California's alone is over $500B.

Dixon Cruickshank

What happened to woefully underpaid school teachers line, although not teachers they probably used to be. I think the Presidential salary is 400K, many are close

John S

This is really only a symptom of the real problem. The whole school system, how they get their money, how they pay themselves, state funding, and system structure is so screwed up the whole thing needs to be reconstructed. All of the money is sucked up before it even gets to educating the children. Yeah, they are in some real trouble now, dark trouble, and the problem is, they will not even think about blowing the whole thing up and starting over. Just like our state and federal government, all they know is, they need more money, and they need it from all of us. MORE TAX MONEY.

Steve Enos

John S. got me thinking... do former county supervisors get any perks for their time as a BOS member?

Do they or can they add time to their government employee retirement if they are a former public employee?

Can they get any benefits in the future like health care coverage after leaving office?

Steve Enos

Question... being an elected county supervisor in most places is a part time gig.

Should county board of supervisors get long term health care benefits after they leave office?

Should they get health care benefits while in office?

Why in some places does being an elected supervisor come with health benefits and the ability to get "vested" with taxpayer funded health benefits?

Barry Pruett

Bloom Township, Thornton Fractional, Thornton Township, and Harvey are not good schools (not even close), yet there are employees there with seven digit pensions!? That is disgusting.

Neil Codell from Niles (4th on the list) will retire in 15 years, and will have a $26 million pension. Can you say Bell, California...but STATE WIDE IN ILLINOIS? Disgusting.

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