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18 April 2011


Todd Juvinall

By not raising the debt limit then you are absolutely right. The debt is paid first by law if I am not mistaken. Then the amount of that debt has to be trimmed from the bills which then lowers the deficit. The Republicans would have a double victory of common sense and I don't think the American people would hold anything but admiration for their gutsy move.

Dave C

Reminds me of a family in debt beyond their means. 2 kids both go to private school with after school activities, mom drives a new SUV, dad commutes to Sac in his Lexus sedan. Both vehicles are financed. Mom is a clothes horse and dad likes his big boy toys. The're barely above water on their home loan, but struggle to make the $4200/mo payment. They eat out a lot, or have take-out sent to their home. Their many credit cards are nearly maxed out but they make the minimum payments.

Realizing they are faced with mounting debt, instead of changing their extravigant lifestyles, they chose to apply for another credit card, increase their debt and temporarily get them selves over the hump.

Mikey McD

Our country desperately needs a leader.

I attending a showing of Atlas Shrugged part 1 last Friday night; felt like I was watching the nightly news.

Mikey McD

iphone changed "attended to attending"; ugh.

George Rebane

Mikey, I was out of town for the last four days and missed the showing. Can you tell our readers where/when the film can still be seen? Thanks.

Michael Anderson

This is a funny post, George. Your unrelenting belief that a reality-based Washington D.C. is somehow possible is refreshing. But I fear you will be disappointed once again.

Mikey McD

Tickets/Theaters or Atlas Shrugged (part 1)


Barry Pruett

Bo said it was pretty good...and even Tanya liked it

Mikey McD

The movie lived up to expectations. The audience applauded at the end.

Barry Pruett

I am fairly certain that you were sitting "with the home team!" Can't wait to see it.

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