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01 April 2011


Russ Steele


We were a little tardy in tuning into KVMR and caught your commentary mid presentation. What? Was Ellen's response. On the other hand, I was cheering you on. Only after reading the complete script did I get the full impact. Well done!

Jeff Peline

This is really funny, sort of like the entertainment for retirees on a cruise ship!

Barry Pruett

Well done George! Gave me a good laugh this evening after my Cubbies losing the home opener. Lilly and I are getting used to that though.

Michael Anderson

Barry, I'm so sorry for your loss. And it looks like orange & black have a target on their back as well. I will look to the NCLL at Pioneer Park for comfort this weekend.

Jeff Pelline

With that kind of District. 1 support, you ought to run for Nate Beason's seat! LOL.

Dixon Cruickshank

Good fun george, a differenet tack

peline go stick a baseball up your azz - thanks for perticipating - this is why the so called truce won't work. what was it 3 days

no holds barred let the fun begin - IMHO

Michael Anderson


Todd Juvinall

George, that is so funny! I like the transparency quips. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Barry Pruett

Michael: In 1998, we lived on Gold Flat, and I did just that. In the spring, I would walk down to the little league ball field, and while watching a game, wonder if those kids understood just how beautiful that Pioneer Park ballfield is. Its picturesque setting is nothing like the ballfields on the South Side of Chicago right next to the railroad tracks!

Russ Steele

I grew up in the white house behind Pioneer Park. One of my most favorite memories was the ball games played between Grass Valley, Nevada City, and other cities in the region. I think that Auburn and Colfax had a team also. Each had a team and on Sat there was a ball game in the park. We bought candy at vendor stand under the bleachers.

Michael R. kesti

Of course, Russ, today's players would all be required to wear 15 pounds of protective gear lest an injury might occur, no scores would be tallied to ensure everybody's greatest self esteem, and sales of candy to minors would be in violation of some federal anti-obesity law.

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