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11 April 2011


Russ Steele

Boehner: Next fight to be about trillions, not billions, see OP-ED in the USA Today here.

The budget by Chairman Ryan has set the bar.

Barry Pruett

We were going to borrow $1.65 trillion this year. Now we are only going to borrow $1.60 trillion....and these guys in Congress are breaking their arms oatting eachother on the back. Cut a trillion, and then I will be moderately happy. Balance the budget and pay down the debt for the first time, and I will be elated.

John Galt

George, this diagram is very helpful. It would make a nice bill board too.

I think Boehner needs some training from Trump on how to negotiate.

Jack McClure

I agree that the cuts we got are nothing more than a fly speck. However, have you noticed that even the liberals are talking about spending cuts now that they were forced to accept some, as small as they may be. There is a new paradigm in Washington because the Tea Party movement forced the spending cuts issue. Don't overlook this. Lots more cuts will be coming because we made them listen. The goal is to keep up the pressure through 2012 and beyond. It really doesn't matter who takes the credit as long as the American people win.

George Rebane

Yes indeed JackM, that we have busted the cherry on spending cuts was the motivation for this post (pardon my French). To maintain what momentum has been achieved requires that we keep a keen eye peeled on the measure of our achievements going forward. Our celebrations should be in proportion such achievements.

IMHO, current celebrations are excessive and divert attention from the brazen fact that we don't actually have the FY2011 budget yet nailed down - the back-patting is clearly premature. And the big battles of FY2012 and raising the debt limit have yet to begin. Keep the cork on the champagne bottle.

Mikey McD

I agree "I think Boehner needs some training from Trump on how to negotiate. "

and the proverbial debt football gets punted to my generation (again).

Dixon Cruickshank

The Dem always " talk" about stuff - this works well for them until something is put on paper and becomes real and then "that can't be cut" becomes the talking point. Just like Planned parenthood - deflect and change the subject, we see from our 3 amigo's all the time.

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