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29 May 2011


Mikey McD

99% of the political spectrum (progressives thru Libertarians) believe that one of (if not THE) purpose of government in a free society is to establish and enforce the law. Decades of piss poor central planning in Sacramento has culminated in CA begging for federal $ (Schwarzenegger) and the feds micromanaging daily operations (enforcing rule of law).

When can we all agree that more regulations, more taxes, more entitlements, excessive public employee benefits are not the ingredients of economic health?

William Russell Mead's piece is very well written.

Oh ya, I did not miss his "hope" of a great divide:
"The only hope I can see is to break it up."

Dixon Cruickshank

Don't forget that the Feds just told you guys you can't close those parks - cause the Feds are paying for them and they must stay open. So you also have to much land set aside to take care of as well.

George Rebane

Thanks a lot for the reminder Dixon, you're a lot of fun.

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