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06 May 2011


bill Tozer

Looks as if we in California can't do anything right. http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_17944609. Meanwhile, Google announced it will invest 100 million dollars in wind energy....in Oregon. Meanwhile, tax revenue from Californians is coming in at 2.1 billion higher than forecast, putting a damper on Jerry Brown's urgency to raise taxes in June. Its a sad day indeed when good news is greeted as bad news.

Russ Steele

Chief Executive Magazine has rated California as the worst state in the union to do business. It is the third straight year that California is ranked LAST on the magazine's list of Best and Worst States

The bottom five worst states, according to Chief Executive, are:
50. California
49. New York
48. Illinois, which fell 3 spots. It recently sharply raised taxes
47. New Jersey
46. Michigan, which improved two spots

Greg Goodknight

Don't forget the young Peters paying usurious and regressive payroll tax rates (both direct and hidden) to pay all the Pauls who used to be Peters.

Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes are as much income taxes as the others. You might be pretending they're paying for your future needs but they are just going to pay for the present needs of others.

Factor that in, and the corporation income taxes the poor pay whenever they buy food at the store, and everyone is paying.

Boil the frog slowly.

Greg Goodknight

Even the poor pay a large amount of their income to the state...

Who pays the property tax on an apartment, the renter or the landlord?

George Rebane

Well said GregG.

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