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06 May 2011


Greg Goodknight

Hmmm, checking, it's right next door to a jolly nice airport, Grand Junction Regional. Any closer and it would be on the airport property.

It would be an extravagant lunch, but it might be fun to fly there for a quick bite, about 680 statute miles as the crow flies. In a put-put like mine, it would take a bit more than about 4 hours there and four hours back (not including detours around restricted military airspaces), about $155 apiece for gas split three ways at the current price of ~$5.50 a gallon.

Nothing says "I don't believe in global warming" like a $450 burrito ;)

PS No, I don't do that sort of thing. My gas budget is already exceeded by the travel I have a *good* reason for.

John Galt

I remember long ago taking the RV on that Hwy 50 route. Very beautiful. Seeing the petroglyphs along the way gives an interesting sense of the past.

But this year we're taking the RV to Canada (and opening up a bank account there).

Safe travels.

Russ Steele


Any RV parking near WW Peppers? Are they open for lunch?

George Rebane

That's affirmatron on both counts.

Dixon Cruickshank

Come on Greg live on the wild side its only money - bet George would let you write about it.

George since your distracted and out of town, does that mean I can say raghead all I want?

Russ Steele

What a beauty, I am sure that she captured grandpa and grandma heart. More pictures please.

Steve Enos

"photographic evidence"... I have reviewed the photo and it's a fake. In today’s world it's easy to fake photos. I have undertaken Photoshop review and there are layers to the photo that show the truth... this photo is a fake and how we REALLY know George is telling the truth?

More proof needed... the photo is a fake but the new grand daughter is sure a sweetie! Congratulations to the new grandparents! Enjoy your visit with the family, as that’s what life is really about.

Dixon Cruickshank

Steve - George has never lied to us k

Damn that is a cute little thing, takes after you George, its plain as day

teine rebane kenney

: )

D. King

Wonderful George.
Have a safe and fun trip.

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