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30 May 2011



What an incredibly powerful photograph you found for this one George!

Dave C

Many bridges and overpasses in the county have plaques placed on them with the name of a fallen hero from our county. As I drive around this weekend, it is nice to see these plaques appropriately adorned with a flag and flowers in their remembrance.

Mikey McD

Well done George. Thanks for serving (and continuing to serve).


Here is the story of the young man whose grave marker is the center of attention above.

George Rebane

Thank you for the link Steve, very appropriate.

Mike Thornton

OK, I'll bite the bullet and say what needs to be said.
The soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan have not been killed in order to protect America or Americans. This in no way diminishes them or their honor. What it does call into question however is the honor of politicians of both major parties and the various corporations and people who make huge profits in the business of perpetual war.

D. King

Thank you to all who have served!

Thanks for the link Steve.

“Regan was on such a mission when his vehicle was struck by an IED while conducting combat operations in northern Iraq, on Feb. 9. Sgt. Regan, a fire team leader, was moving his unit to an objective when he was killed.”

Now maybe you can see why I hate GE and Jeff Immelt sooo much.

I leave you with this:

(Long version)

Larry Wirth

Excellent, just excellent George. Maybe sometime you could explain to your readers why you used the phrase "Medinan Q'ran." I know why, but doubt that many others do. Perhaps folks like MikeT would understand a bit better if they did...

George Rebane

Good point Larry. I have presented the differences between the Meccan and Medinan versions of Islam's scripture several times in these pages - e.g. here ,
but not everyone may have seen them. In any event, there can be no productive discussion about Islam, its cultures as practiced in the lands it rules, and its global aims without such knowledge. RR has been host to several of these shouts into the gale.

George Rebane

In perusing liberal blogs, I again have to point to, a well-funded and prominent progressive voice on the internet. These folks have a different view of Memorial Day as witnessed by their focus on hard working moms and dads to be remembered on this day, regardless of their military service to our country. Apparently Mother's and Father's Days are not sufficient; parents per se must also crowd in and delute this special day we set aside for our military dead and missing. And then take a look at the attendant comments. Enjoy?

Robert Lou

I was a bit bummed out that the Union chose to list their hero's (on Veterans weekend) as local people who do activities around the city....

I would have prefered that they save this for the the military who have fought.

George Rebane

Agreed and saddened RobertL. Memorial Day, along with many ideas (like use of 'hero') of our former culture, are now being diluted out of existence. However, we were heartened to see an overflow gathering at Memorial Park in Grass Valley yesterday for the annual Memorial Day observance. All of us seemed to sense that in being there we were desperately hanging on to something precious and now fragile.

Kim Pruett

Robert Lou, the Union did the Red Cross Hero Event story on Saturday to lead up to the luncheon we are having on Wednesday( the Red Cross) of this, wasn't Memorial Day on Monday? I know I saw a great article on Monday on the front page about honoring the fallen and they have a wonderful story in today's paper as well. The Hero event article also featured Police, Law Enforcement, Fire, and yes even a Veteran who has served this country honorably in Iraq and Afganistan. I attended the Memorial Day ceremony in Grass Valley as well and it was very moving. I really do not think the Union intended to downplay Memorial Day with the Red Cross Story, they were just trying to cover the Red Cross Event that is coming up on Wednesday.

Todd Juvinall

I was unable to attend but my brother was at Memorial Park ceremony. Hee wanted to check to make sure there was no damage to our father, brother and grandfather's plaques. He said the ceremony was wonderful and it brought tears to his eyes. We cannot thank the men and women who served and gave their all for us. I appreciate all the recognition of those people. Regarding the other "heroes", I too have a problem with how the word is now used for other reasons. It should be reserved for the men and women in incredible circumstances and not be diluted.


"Agreed and saddened RobertL. Memorial Day, along with many ideas (like use of 'hero') of our former culture, are now being diluted out of existence."...

You can argue that that has already occurred.

Since Memorial Day was originally intended to honor American Civil War veterans (specifically the Union side) and Veterans Day, the end of WWI, there's been a bit of dilution of the brand in both cases.

It's interesting how these things evolve. You end up with two holidays that are basically indistinguishable to most people plus, and this is partly a side effect of the way history is taught, a kind of equivalence given to the various wars.

In terms of equivalence, I'm not talking about any kind of morality attached to the events. It's reasonably easy to divide US military action into various slots based on whether it was justifiable in terms of existential threat or other honorable purposes like revenge or profit, but I think people lose the thread of just how large some of these episodes where.


Memorial Day coverage from The Union:

On Sunday — A time of pride and sorrow: Remembering Adam Strain's sacrifice

On Monday — ‘Not forgotten': Nevada County pays tribute to those who gave their all

On Tuesday — A tough look back: Remembering pain, promise of fallen servicemen

Kim Pruett

As stated before. the Union did cover Memorial Day very well, with three moving stories. I really do not think anyone was trying to downplay the signifigance of Memorial Day or the Hero's who have fought for our freedoms and who have given all.

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