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19 May 2011


Bob W

I assume that the reason the Southwest is now part of the US is because those that didn't previously support it decided that they were best served by formally accepting the premise. Are we, who still believe that the current arrangement is appropriate, to be forced into reasserting that agreement?

Todd Juvinall

It looks like the folks from south of the border are emulating the Palestinians rush across the Israeli border fences. The difference is here the democrats want them here so they will become their voters. The southwest was once roamed by Indians ho were there long before a government of Mexico or more southern countries. If one uses the logic of these folks who want it returned to the past, then I want my great great great great great grandfathers lands beck in northern Italy and southern France. LOL

George Rebane

BobW, I believe that no matter what the perceived path(s) that got us the 1848 annexation and Gadsen purchase, we will indeed "be forced into reasserting that agreement". George Friedman of Stratfor has predicted ('The Next 100 Years') that this territory will 'slide' away from the US and become an independent nation-state via a process of confederation that might also include a northern slice of Mexico joining it. The process he describes is at the same time intriguing, disquieting, and maybe even underway.


Bob W

Thank you George. I am glad I made the comment as now I have knowledge that I did not have when I made the comment.

Dixon Cruickshank

Could they also take the southern half of CA too - that would be good

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