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25 May 2011


Ben Emery

It was nice meeting you and Russ this morning. I really like the idea of teaming up with the middle schools with the mentor program. Joe and 7-Hills are a great test run at such a program, maximizing chance of success.

Steve Enos

Very nice effort!

Todd Juvinall

Way to go George and Russ!

Barry Pruett

Nicely done today guys. I have known one of the top three winners since he was four as he was one of my gymnasts back in the day. I sat with his mom and caught up with her...he is such a good kid. Glad to see that he is moving on to great things. Great event!

Kim Pruett

Major Kudos to the SESF Tech Test team and all of the kids who took the test. I am so impressed with the caliber of students each year. It was nice to talk with them and find out what they are going to be studying and where they are planning on attending college. It gives me great hope for our future, these kids are amazing! John McDanial is an excellent teacher, and all who are involved with this program should be proud. Thank you for inviting me to attend, I really enjoyed it.

Dixie Redfearn

I was just a little sad to see no high school girls pictured....surely there are some tecchie female students?

George Rebane

There are indeed female techie students, and they have been in the winner's circle in past years. Alas, this year no female made it. But Dixie, you raise a larger question of why so few females enter technical fields based on math and the hard sciences, this despite the hundreds of outreach programs targeting young women for such pursuits.

Mea culpa - I forgot to include in the post that Kim Pruett informed us that the top three TT2011 winners will receive special commendation citations from Congressman Tom McClintock that recognize and commend their talents (suitable for framing).

Greg Goodknight

kudos to all who participated, test takers, sponsors and volunteers.

My son chose not to take the tech test the first year ('07), it conflicted with another college issue. The current pot of gold would have been a great motivator to do it anyway, but given we got a great deal with his other scholarships I can't say it wouldn't have just reduced what others chipped in.

His mom, my late 1st wife, was BS Math, MSEE, was an adjunct prof of Math at Sierra when she passed away. I don't remember that she had any great insights as to why more women didn't gravitate towards math and science but then, she was more of a tomboy than most.

Ben Emery

Our son a senior at NU wasn't going to take the challenge but we got him to understand unless we push ourselves outside our comfort zones we have a hard time reaching our potential as human beings. As a first year physics student it was a bit over his head but we were proud of him for giving a few hours challenging himself intellectually. On the female representation front hopefully our daughter on her way into her Jr. year will take the challenge. Both of their grandfathers are engineers. Our son said there were female participants on test day but they were not at the breakfast.

Ben Emery

Doesn't this show, we are all proud of our kids and we all want the best for future generations.

George you played it well by being humorous and not specifically calling out another field or major, it would of been a no win situation.

Thanks for the effort and dedication to our community

George Rebane

Thank you all for the kind words, all of us who work on TT are gratified by the efforts put out by the students.

And don't forget to consider volunteering for the TechMentor program and finding friends who would also enjoy working with our young people.

Mikey McD

There were in fact 3 female test takers for TT2011 (approx 25% of total). They were unable to make the breakfast due to schedule conflicts.

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