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16 May 2011


Steve Enos

George posts:

"Some come just to denigrate an idea, or to denigrate the class of people who value the idea, or worse, to simply denigrate the individual who holds to the idea without much concern for the idea itself".

Well the number one poster here, the number of example of this is... Todd Juvinall.

Here's just one of Todd's recent, endless personal attack posts that is a prim example of what George is talking about:

"The divide gets larger because their side is simply a bunch of whiny, self important scofflaws".

Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 16 May 2011 at 08:56 AM

Todd Juvinall

George, I agree with what you have written here but unfortunately I have come to the conclusion over my life's experience that the following is the reality about consensus.


Greg Goodknight

It looks to me the usual suspects have rounded themselves up...

George Rebane

Please don't misunderstand - I have not proposed anything unreal about the possibility of consensus. It is a difficult and seldom achieved conclusion to a conversation. When people of diverse views move ahead together, they do so on the basis of compromise, often distasteful to each, and not because they have reached consensus. Your cited 'reality' is a useful example.

I simply recommend that, no matter whether we seek consensus or successful contention, the path to both is a better understanding of the other's position, civilly arrived at.

RL Crabb

Gallery of idiots? Well, you know you have one, for sure. I always enjoy the cerebral jousting on your blog. Exasperating at times, but usually informative.

Michael Anderson

I've decided to bow out of any further "Great Divide" discussions until I can add something that is new to the content of the comments on this subject that I have already offered in the past.

But I did read a recent David Brooks column in the NYT about the 20% of males who no longer get up in the morning in the USA to join the workforce. I would posit that the level of economic dysfunction that this represents is exactly the engine for revolution, market chaos, and the destruction of nations.

I like finding things upon which various facets can agree, and perhaps a discussion can ensue between all sides as to how to solve this one particular problem.


George Rebane

MichaelA - my lights do not shine past education and wealth redistribution. I have tried to be explicit on both in these pages and in my efforts elsewhere.

bill Tozer

Does that mean we don't have a consensus concerning the consensus?

Michael Anderson

I thought it was a matter of degree instead of an outright embargo.

Dixon Cruickshank

Actually sounds kinda accurate Mr Enos. I bet if I read some of Frisch's 10,000 word ramblings I might be moved but I get lost a about 2000 - but he damn sure thinks he knows what he's talking about I will say that for him.


Conversation, n. A fair for the display of the minor mental commodities, each exhibitor being too intent upon the arrangement of his own wares to observe those of his neighbor.

A. Bierce

I knew that book would come in handy.

Michael Anderson

George, how come you get so many ad robots on your blog? They skulk in at the dead of night...

George Rebane

MichaelA - I average about two a week; don't know how to stop them without making it inconvenient for real readers. Thoughts?

John Galt

It seems to me that there has been some progress made here in the exchange of ideas.

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