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18 June 2011


RL Crabb

Kudos to Rich Bodine for pulling off the soapbox derby. We could only stay until noon, having 97-year-old granny in tow, but the racers we saw from our shady seats at the finish line were clever, whimsical and FAST! Another excuse to party in Nevada City!

Barry Pruett

Too fast! One of those crashes was pretty scary! Nice to see the Rebanes (twice on Saturday), but I did not see my favorite cartoonist. The soapbox derby will be HUGE next year!

Account Deleted

Caroline and I were out at the Bluegrass Festival on Sunday. All great performances. The young fellow I talked to from the Freight Hoppers was from Bryson City, North Carolina. Right next to the Great Smokies. If I had to leave here, I would check that area out next. The races sounded like fun, George. Next year it will be on my calendar.

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