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28 July 2011


Douglas Keachie

This would do a lot to explain the rapid rise of the Tea Party movement. Good luck to them all as they destroy the world's economy.

Douglas Keachie

If the public becomes aware of the predicted behavior, it is likely their behavior will change. BTW, Robert Heinlein discusses the notion of predictive social sciences repeatedly in his novels.

Brad Croul

Is the advertising model the old paradigm, or top-down model, and the new paradigm the viral, or grass roots, model?

Advertisers think that by hitting us with newspaper, email, TV, IPad, smartphone, grocery store, and direct mail ads, they will achieve a tipping, or saturation point where potential costumers finally will give them a try.
The top-down advertising model might be called the saturation bombing model. With the saturation bombing method, people can become shell shocked and desensitized, lessening the effectiveness of the method making it difficult to rapidly increase market share for advertiser’s products.

With the viral, or Fad, model, an idea for a Christmas present (like a Pet Rock), or a political or social idea (like the Tea Party) receives new energy or enthusiastic support as it is passed from person to person by word of mouth (or word of web), keeping the good buzz going and creating exponential support. At least that seems to be how the fad mentality works. But fads, like viruses, tend to dissipate over time as newer fads take their place.

George Rebane

DougK - how is a movement that the liberals have long advertized as being on the wane have the ability to "destroy the world's economy"? What mechanism would they be able to use?

Bonnie M

Mr. Keachie has something wrong with him. Who has been destroying America's economy? Certainly not the Tea Party. From where I stand...the rise of the TP is a natural phenomena to restore balance and a return to common sense.

Russ Steele

long way to go. But the idea that America doesn’t, in fact, have to be
governed for eternity as a debtor nation with a mammoth, out-of-control,
ever-expanding government is winning the day. It is tipping the balance
with increasing decisiveness against an idea that has become so much a
part of conventional wisdom that even some conservatives, startlingly
including, inexplicably, the Wall Street Journal, have displayed the
wobblies at the thought of confronting the Leviathan.”

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