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10 July 2011


Russ Steele

A complete list of the state Mercatus Center rankings can be found at NC Media Watch in a 11 June post here, along with a list of recommended policy changes by the Mercatus Center to help California improve the personal and economic freedom of it's citizens.

George Rebane

Sorry Russ, I thought that you had also posted it, but I couldn't find it to include a link. Thanks.

Douglas Keachie

Do you really think Islam will conquer China? GFL!

George Rebane

No idea of whether they'll succeed, but their assault in China's Muslim west has already started.

Douglas Keachie

That high speed rail line runs all through China's West.


D. King

"Does anyone see any light at the end of this long tunnel, one that is not a train headed our way?"

Lots do George. I wil never give up!


Douglas Keachie

More and deeper tax cuts for the rich will make our defenses stronger.

Wayne Hullett

Perhaps an RR category would be a good repository for your excellent idea of a Liberties Escrow Account.

George Rebane

Never thought of it Wayne, perhaps because the data gathering task would be overwhelming for one person. Now if it could be crowdsourced ... .

Paul Emery

"Islam knows that it could never achieve its goal of Khilafa (the global Caliphate) were the west to remain dynamic, strong, and free."

Your generalization of Islam is based on fear and ignorance. It is a very complex and diverse religion. I'm surprised you put yourself in that position because you are in no way a scholar of the religion of Islam and you do take pride in your thoroughness and scholarship. I suggest you arrange a meeting with someone from the Salam Center in Sacramento to discuss your opinion. I understand they have an Outreach Committee whose purpose is education and awareness of the religion of Ismam.


Mikey McD

Paul, "Your generalization of Islam is based on fear"- I will admit that watching the beheadings of innocent men by Islamists makes me fearful.

George Rebane

One needs to believe their own words and their own walk, instead of the progressive, politically correct pap put out by our national leftwing (Europe is belatedly beginning to wake up). The Salam Center does NOT speak for Islam, but the newspapers, radio stations, TV, websites, religious leaders, political leaders, countless terror groups, and the people in the streets of Africa and the mid-East do.


Paul Emery

",,,,,we are in a war with Islam" "The Salam Center does NOT speak for Islam"

I'm surprised and disappointed that a thoughtful discussion with folks from the leading Islamic Center in Northern California is beyond your path of inquiry to justify such a broad proclamation as "We are in a war with Islam" Members of the Salam Center are mostly American citizens and our neighbors, fellow workers and business owners.

Paul Emery


We've been through this before. I'll briefly review the recent history of "Ethnic Cleansing" in Bosnia which was largely a Christians vs Moslem war that led to the relocation of over 2 million mostly Moslem Bosnians and the deaths of over 15,000. That was the largest single religious war of the last 50 years. The Islamic extremists don't own the franchise on terror. There's lots of competition.

George Rebane

"Members of the Salam Center are mostly American citizens and our neighbors, fellow workers and business owners." PaulE, that and the Quran's diktat of Taqiyyah (Holy Deception) is why they don't represent the vibrant and dominant Islam that is at war with western civilization.

Another bagatelle on Islam:

Paul Emery

So it's not all Islam that we're at war with. Do you include Turkey for example. How do you make the distinction?

George Rebane

PaulE, as I and many others have said before, all you need to do is listen to their talk and watch their walk. The Islam that is at war with us is a proud religion with an overarching objective and a plan to achieve it. Turkey is slowly turning from a secular state toward a theocracy. We have no need to make a "distinction", they will tell us when we are also for them the Great Satan. Again, all we have to do is listen to their own words and watch what they do.

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