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08 July 2011


Todd Juvinall

After having had to fill out all the paperwork to run for office I came to the conclusion long ago that I think anyone and any organization or business should be able to give as much as they want with one requirement. It must be widely reported within 24 hours. Then the 30% who now take the time to vote will be able to decide if the candidate getting a million bucks from the AL-CIO is worthy of their vote.

Ben Emery

Liked the first minute or so of you editorial and even agree with the union money. I like and fully support union but don't think their money should be dumped into elections and candidates. We should eliminate ALL special interest money out of our elections. Our government is supposed to represent the people not special interests and it seems like we both agree this is not happening.

The answer is public financed campaigns with spending caps along with equal prime time exposure over public airwaves (media's part of getting license)for candidates who meet signature and small donation requirements. We then choose the candidates instead of the media. We shorten the election cycle. Candidates would talk more about issues instead of smear due to not having unlimited funds to throw into counter campaigns. It would cost a little less than $10 per federal tax return to cover all federal office elections. To regain control over our reps I think ten bucks is worth it.

If we want to dilute the centralization of power and make government more difficult to corrupt we introduce Instant Run Off Voting, no more spoilers. This would give a very diverse range of ideas to choose. We have then eliminated special interest money, increased the amount of ideas, shortened election cycle, reduced counter campaigning a.k.a. smear, and have brought the government back to representing the people. The only losers would be the media who would lose the billions of advertising dollars.

Ben Emery

One more thing

My brother is in town visiting from his home in Asia. He mainly works within his local community but also works with the international community as well. Within this international community including multiple countries in both Europe and Asia along with Australia. Speaking in general consensus of their nations view on American politics, they all cannot believe or are baffled that the Republican Party is a major party. GOP would be the way outside fringe in their countries for the platform they have embraced over the last two decades.

Todd Juvinall

I think we should have an election season to mirror the British. Five weeks long and that is it. Of course, even they have scandal so it would seem to me there is really no way to fix the process by ratcheting down the ways people can give. The whole system is bogus. Let anyone and everyone give as much as they want and disclose within 24 hours. If anyone wants to see why the controls don't work look at McCain Feingold. It was supposed to stop money and instead opened the door to billion dollar campaign chests. But, hey, why should we all be concerned about real world experience? Also, the unions are losing even though they are spending gazillions. The people seem to have figured them out. This comment was for BenE.

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