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27 August 2011


Todd Juvinall

I like Embassy Suites and their buffet breakfasts. No camping for me, I too look out from my home and back deck and see the forest and the trees. Lovely.

Russ Steele


Good report and thanks for sharing. As you know I am perhaps more adicted to connectivity than most RVers and have equiped our RV with some extra coverage tools, high gain antenna with an amplifier. I also have found this Cellphone Digest site to useful in vetting camp ground coverage before we depart

As you discovered there was not AT&T coverage, but Verizon has broadband coverage at your camp site.

Greg Goodknight

The Trinity Alps are lovely.

Douglas Keachie

When they shut down camping at Tenaya Lake in Yosemite, and we had to switch to Tuolumne Meadows and make franticky phone calls in on the first and only day sites were available in Feb to get reservations, that's when we bought up here. I really do want to windsurf Tenaya one more time, but still haven't muscled up the moxie for the still 5 hour drive to get there. 8 minutes to either the Middle or South Fork swimming holes is just really hard to ignore, especially with gas where it is.

RL Crabb

Any Bigfoot sightings?

George Rebane

No, but I did think about that famous fuzzy film clip that shows a Bigfoot or someone dressed like one ambling through the forest. I understand that the EPA is thinking of making the whole northwest corner of the state off limits to humans since Bigfoot is so endangered that they aren't sure that it really exists. After all, we must consider our priorities.

Teine Rebane Kenney

How fun to read this. Having been raised by you doing REAL high sierra camping, I have a special fondness for tent camping in the dirt and can forgo the aluminum box luxury. Have you noticed an added perk to your last couple of decades camping "ohne kinder": waking up to dry shoe laces? (Yours were usually the only shoes next to the zippered opening of our big, blue, tent. More than once I ended up venturing out into nature to answer its call and... peeing on your shoe laces in the middle of the night.) Sorry about that.

George Rebane

Aha! And all along I thought it was the early morning mountain dew. Now after all these years the truth comes out that it was really my own little dew dropper. Fun times, and ours forever.

bill tozer

What a wonderful trip, Dr. Rebane. I am soooo jealous. Still am puzzled why you spent all that money for a truck that didn't come will hubcaps, hahaha. They say traveling is broadening. Better walk it off.

Sini Fernandez

Giggling at this post and Teine's comment. Still amazed that you like RVing enough to purchase a trailer, though driving a truck and pulling a trailer must be oh so much better than driving Class C RV like we did a few summers ago. Those Steeles must make a very powerful argument. :)

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