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29 September 2011


D. King

Here's a "Coincidence"


Wow, not Nancy too. I just can't believe it.
Maybe NOW out lefty friends will pull their heads out of their asses.

Ben Emery

I am glad you took time to watch the two minute video, did you follow up and listen to the interviews?

Can you please explain in your own words what is Communism? Then in your own words what is Socialism. Then in your own words what is Capitalism. Then your own words what is Fascism. Then in your own words what is Anarchism.

Just so we have a primer of what we are talking about because I think in these discussion we are talking about completely different ideas.

Ben Emery

I am in the Bay Area today but will check in tonight when I get back.


Come join me in trying to hold the banks accountable since our government will not do it.

Todd Juvinall

BenE, I hope you are protesting the graft Pelosi has directed to her friends with our money today. Head on over and start the protest for that crony capitalism she is pushing.

George Rebane

BenE 1219pm - Good point to bring up your "primer" suggestion. In these pages I have already defined socialism, fascism, and communism - e.g. see http://rebaneruminations.typepad.com/rebanes_ruminations/2010/07/who-is-a-socialist.html - but I agree that pulling these definitions together into one post with appropriate links would be useful. FYI, to find out what my (and others') thoughts are on any given topic, please use the RR search function in the left column, or you can always google '(keywords), rebane' and get the links from there.

ToddJ 1226pm - since these 'solar companies' are government induced,
selected, and funded, a more appropriate and meaningful term that I'm trying to introduce for such enterprises is 'crony socialism'. There is a distinct difference from 'crony capitalism'.

Todd Juvinall

Good call George. I will use that term. It appears these crooks are (Pelosi, Reid, Obama) are giving these grants and loans then their campaigns are receiving kickbacks. Chicago style. Do you think this will be reported on Obama's new website attacking us for telling the truth? Anyway, what cracks me up the most about these "green" loans and grants, subsidies if you will, is the liberals were relentlessly attacking the tax credits to oil for exploration and these green dollars are about ten times more dollars!

Dixon Cruickshank

Its just about who you want to win Todd

Dixon Cruickshank

Van Jones came right and told us that the Eco movement was the vehicle.

Would be interesting to trace who stuck in that Fund to fisnace all the green lawsuits was, that was in the 90's I bet

D. King

Here you go Dixon. It was in the 90's (Clinton)


The text.


Dixon Cruickshank


Brad Croul

Cronyism has been with us for centuries. A for profit company isn't really socialist, is it? You could call NASA, or the cruise missile industry, etc. socialist organizations also. Insider access is what Washington DC is all about and why politics and politicians are so despised.

George Rebane

Actually BradC, I meant to use 'crony socialism' precisely in the way that I defined it in my 203pm. When the government targets for-profit companies/industries that it wants to start and fund, that is different than giving a contract to or subsidizing a for-profit company that was identified, launched, and operated by greedy capitalists. My purpose here is not gratuitous, but to expand the language so as to support an ever more nuanced and revealing discussion of the issues.

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