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02 September 2011


Todd Juvinall

Sad that we have to say these things. If we are able to take back the education process, maybe the chillins will be indoctrinated in freedom. OMG! Is that politically correct?

Account Deleted

I remember when Obama wrote a prayer on a note and stuck it in the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Some kid walked over and pulled it out it was published. “Lord–Protect my family and me. Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.”
Aside from the to-do over the issue of the violation of privacy that followed, how are Obama's beliefs on the super-natural power of the deity different from Bachmann's? Carrie Prejean was pilloried for her views on gay marriage, even though they matched Obama's. The difference is in how the public views the integrity of the actors here. Folks assume that Carrie and Michele are revealing heart-felt truth, while Obama is seen by all to be an empty suit with a teleprompter soul and mindset.

RL Crabb

I have no prejudice against religion per se. I think I've made that clear in previous comments. I do have concerns about those who would use the book of revelations as a guidebook to foreign policy, or the persecution of those they see as heretics and sinners. I watch a lot of religious programming on TV, and I remember Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. To someone who used drugs (I don't anymore) it was obvious that Tammy Faye was under the influence of something other than the Almighty. The road to salvation is littered with the wreckage of religious leaders gone bad. Faith in itself is not a hinderance to high office. John Kennedy proved that when he got elected after centuries of Catholic persecution. But if someone in that high office goes crosseyed and starts looking for the answers to man's problems from voices in his or her head, it can't be a good thing for us heathens.

Paul Emery

I thought we all conceded that Ms Bachmann was only joking right (by her own admission) so what's the big deal? I doubt very seriously that the big whatever in the sky gives a rats ass about our petty politics here on our little planet.

Todd Juvinall

The people that freak out over a politicians religious beliefs must need Valium to keep them from heading over the cliff. Since they all are claiming to be religious, the voter then must determine in their own mind if the person running is too religious or just a little religious. Then vote accordingly. I guess if a Obama says he is and Bachmann says she is, the only difference would be liberal or conservative all things being equal.

RL Crabb

God may not care much about politics, but his agents here on earth take it very seriously. There are cartoonists in Europe who live with armed guards because of Islamic fanatics. Secular governments aren't immune. Religion wasn't the reason for this latest outrage...


RL Crabb

For some reason, that link ends up on the wrong page. Just google 'syrian cartoonist' and you'll find the story.

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