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20 October 2011


RL Crabb

I never met Watterson, but I heard his reason for quitting was to go out on top, before the strip became stale like so many others. That newspapers choose to print reruns like Peanuts and For Better Or For Worse is sad considering the scores of talented young cartoonists who languish in poverty, forced to suck the ink from discarded fountain pens to stay in business.

Greg Goodknight

For two decades I've had a C & H on my fridge... Calvin is facing his parents, who are sitting on the couch, asking them "What assurance do I have that your parenting isn't screwing me up?".

Watterson did go out on top, but it would have been nice to have more from the top and a bunch more just fair to middling. There was nothing not to like regarding the words or the art.

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