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27 October 2011


Ben Emery

Very Cute.
That is why I come to RR to put out another option of the way of looking at the world. Somewhere in the middle is where the balance can be found. I have two kids entering into adulthood and the last three to four decades borrow/ spend, military expansion, neglect of our infrastructure, privatization of the commons, and our economic/ trade policies have created a very uncertain future for all of us but especially those just coming of age and younger.

George Rebane

Indeed BenE, and your reasoned expressions and analyses, no matter how disparate from mine, are therefore very welcome on these pages.

Steve Enos

"It is part of the legacy that all who contribute here leave for whatever search engines may excavate these thoughts tomorrow or generations from now".

Interesting... "I don't do this just to pound my pud" will live on forever!

Russ Steele

Very cute George. It is the grandkids that keep me banging my head against the wall trying to change the world. I hope that my grandkids look back years from now and see what Grandpa wrote.

bill tozer

Dr. Rebane, may your eyes never dim and may you live long enough to see and hold a quiver full of arrows.

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